INFECTED trailer on your cell phone

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My video “Official Trailer for Infected” has been chosen as the Myxer “Pick of the Day” for today April 19th. The Myxer “Pick of the Day” is exclusively featured on the homepage of the Myxer website and will be seen by every user who “Signs In” to the Myxer website on 4/19. Go here: to check it out and to download my free video if you don’t already have it!

So now you can carry that kick-ass trailer around on your cell phone and show everyone you know. And, of course, total strangers (although before approaching said strangers, try popping an Alka Seltzer in your mouth, letting it fizz up, then walk up to the person screaming "let me show you something!" I find this gets people’s attention.)

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  1. coxbrother

    A little late to the party

    But now i can show people what I am all fired up about when I’m not around my pc


    Take no prisoners. Take no ….people what dont gets it!

  2. JP


    Yeah, don’t try it on a rented cell phone–someone might get hurt, or even seriously killed…

  3. AcousticMonster

    Infected Spotted At…

    Infected has been spotted at Barnes and Nobles in South Dakota. Wow, it really spreads fast!

  4. amaster

    Off to Walmart!

    I must go purchase Alka Seltzer.  If I don’t use it for the FDOs idea, I could always use it to freak out my roommate, which would be entirely hilarious.  I think I will.


    Sitting here with my computer hooked directly into a vein in my arm.

  5. ogreoregon

    how perverted and depraved….

    I couldn’t stop laughing at the visual on this…..Imagine this really happening.. you, me Jam ,anyone… running up to someone screaming and and foaming at the mouth……   I’m laughing so hard I’m crying.  will it ever leave my head?
    fom now on all Junkies must carry Alka Seltzer.
    *I am the Rear Admiral but Sigler gives the Orders*