INFECTED Prologue and Chapter 1

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Here we go, my Junkies, the fully re-written INFECTED, large and in-charge. My present to you on this, my third anniversary of podcasting. Yes, it was March of 2005 when I launched EARTHCORE as the world’s first podcast-only novel. My how time flies when the Future Dark Overlord™ is creating stories for all y’all OJs.

We are 30 days out from the hardcover launch of INFECTED. Just one month to go before General Siglerisimo rolls his tanks down Mainstreet USA (okay, that part might will be a little farther out than 30 days, but I will be picking out tank colors at Bob’s Discount Tank & Rifle Outlet next week).

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  1. n8man

    or use the secret

    or use the secret handshake


    this signature blank until i can decide on a name


  2. arimus25

    Your freaking me out again Scott

    I live in Toledo and I am afraid I might be next to catch one of these triangles. The last time you podcasted this it hit a little to close to home, but now with you saying things like Westwood Ave and Swan Creek, it is scarring me! Does this mean my city will be the first to be taken over by your greatness?

  3. SynapticJam

    It won’t be too difficult to find the re-writes…

    I like the new and improved much better! 


    This missive brought to you by SynapticJam

    This Pusher likes Synaptic Jam on toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken

  4. supersaiyanlobo


    Are all of us going to die the grusome death of the infected????GOD I HOPE SO!!!!!!!!!!This story is off to a fuckin’ awesome start, great job KING.


  5. KnitWitch

    Can’t Wait for Print!

    I cannot wait to finally walk into a bookstore and demand my copy of Infected! I’m already checking in to make sure the local biggies are gonna have it in stock on April 1.Coincidently, I’ll be running a live show on April Fool’s Day and will be commanding all Zoners to get out to their local bookstores and pick up multiple copies! It’d be a real KILLER kick in the pants if Sigler should happen to stop by to pimp his wares to the assembled masses on D-DAY!



  6. wallerdad

    Downloaded it today

     Can’t wait to listen to Infected and try and spot the re-writes



    • These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT
  7. tsolo888

    Nice Spinal Tap reference

    Nice Spinal Tap reference, awful Sinatra. When you get all your money for the Infected release buy the rights to the Sinatra song and use it in the podcast sound effects. Please, Please, Please, for the love of God please.

    Tsolo888 – Out "Don’t be surprised one day if the person you pissed off on the net shows up on your front door step"

  8. AcousticMonster

    The Horror!!!

    That’s what I said. Just think what will happen when he takes over the world! Oh, what will we do? WHAT WILL WE DO?!?

  9. OJ_Mathis_Wrenn

    What will happen to J.C.

    What will happen to J.C. Hutchens when your tanks roll through with the hello kitty camouflage?

    Signature begins here: Matthais, the Engaged Qyuth Warrior is currently feeling: Happy.

  10. BarbaraJ

    The Horror!!!

    The story is fantabulous, the horror is your singing.I met Frank Sinatra once.  I was 23 and just returned to the States from a tour in Europe and was stationed in Vegas. I ran into Mr. Sinatra in Cesaer’s Palace.I told him that my mother had been his biggest fan and that she had wanted to be cremated and have her ashes scattered over him.He kissed me and said that the thought was both disturbing and flattering.  Then …. then …. then he called me a "good looking broad".I said the only thing you can say when Frank Sinatra calls you a good looking broad, "Thank you, Mr. Sinatra."Stop ruining my memories. 🙂


    Tastes Like Chicken

  11. KnitWitch


    Well, at least now I know what to get my daughter for her birthday…

    Maybe that will keep her from putting those obnoxious pink stickers all over my AK when she borrows it…



  12. Scott

    Couldn’t agree with you more …

    Sometimes in life, you have to do things of which you are not proud. This was one of those times …

  13. AcousticMonster

    Please, Dark Overlord…Please…

    No more singing! Sinatra is rolling over in his grave. Yell

    It killed my junkie buzz. Yucky!


  14. wallerdad

    Funny Funny Funny

     Might have to get one for my niece



    • These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT
  15. Scott

    Glad to know The Twins are safe … for now

    Magnus. I will continue to produce two episodes a week. You keep rocketry away from my sphincter, and we’ll call it good.

  16. darn

    Scott is the man


    It’s your good buddy Magnus. You’re giving us the awesome story of Nocturnal (episode 17 was kick-ass) AND now you’re giving us the re-vamped version of Infected for us to listen to. THAT’S TWO EPISODES A WEEK OF PURE ENTERTAINMENT. Scott, you are the man. You have no idea how much more tolerable my mornings are when you release a new episode. Hearing about people getting their arms gnawed off by XYZeds and cutting their balls off with chicken scissors makes the perils of the NYC subway system during rush hour not so bad at all.

    Thanks again Scott, keep it up and you’ll avoid those pesky rockets.


    PS KA-Bar knife reference in Episode 17? I caught it.

    No bout a doubt it

  17. Scott

    If you happen to mis-count …

    A pill here and there, slipped into a bag marked "Prescriptions for my Future Dark Overlord™" won’t hurt anybody …

  18. molly_murder


    Holy shit, it takes place in Ohio! This hellhole of a state needed some action. The story is GREAT so far, of course. Your genius creations are a lifesaver, you actually make me look forward to processing old people’s prescriptions all day. <3


  19. tsolo888


    Tsolo888 – Out "Don’t be surprised one day if the person you pissed off on the net shows up on your front door step"

  20. Scott

    Hello Kitty assault rifles? I’m in.

    Nothing says "I think it’s kind of funny to kill you and your people" like a pink assault rifle decorated with stickers.