The Twelve Days of Sigmas

[img_assist|nid=2053|title=FDO™ got to Santa|desc=so he can get to you, smart-guy.|link=popup|align=left|width=100|height=71]Okay Junkies, I know most of you are buying CONTAGIOUS on Dec. 30, or racking up multiple pre-order copies, so to show my appreciation I’m going to give you the Twelve Days of Sigmas. Starting Dec. 25, twelve straight days of new content, including blasts from the past and some heavy hitters you’ve been bitching about for forever and a day. The FDO™ will dominate your Holiday Season! (Click the headline for this post, or the "read more" link to see what the Twelve Days of Sigmas will get you).

THE TWELVE DAYS OF SIGMAS (subject to change)

    • Dec. 25: CRYPT character story #9 – guest co-writer, Jeremy Robinson
    • Dec. 26: Video – Future Evil HQ?
    • Dec. 27: CRYPT character story #11 – guest co-writer, Andy Remic
    • Dec. 28: CONTAGIOUS Episode #4
    • Dec. 29: Gore Line Episode
    • Dec. 30: CRYPT character story #10 – guest co-writer, David Wellington
    • Jan. 1: THE TANK Part 1
    • Jan. 2: THE TANK Part 2
    • Jan. 3: CONTAGIOUS Episode #5
    • Jan. 4: BLOODCAST – Matt Wallace / Scott Sigler short story, Part 1
    • Jan. 5: BLOODCAST – Matt Wallace / Scott Sigler short story, Part 2
    • Jan. 6: MT. FITZROY Episode #2

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    1. Xenophanes


      Awwww… crap. The Starter Prologue is no longer. =( I was really looking forward to that. Damn you FDO!!!!!!!!!


    2. Xenophanes

      There really should be a way to….

      …. participate in Pookie’s New Year’s Eve party. That would rock the house if we could call up and leave drunken messages just for Pookie!!! 0100001101101000011010010110001101101011011001010110111000100000 0101001101100011011010010111001101110011011011110111001001110011

    3. MuchAdo

      Detroit need 6 QB’s

      plus a few other things!!!!  Sorry FDO – I’ll be playing all of my Indy fantasy players this week including Rhodes.

      "Well. I’ll tell you what. You gonna kick it with me. Or I’m gonna kick you out. What you think of that?" Sister Mary Clarence 

    4. JCRiverRat

      IS this really gonna happen – I says -NOOOOOO

      Come on it’s Sigler…. really 12 days in a row, ok may 12 by Jan 30th… I HOPE!!!

    5. JCRiverRat

      On the sixth day of Sigmas

      THe FDO gave to me, six Detroit Quarterbacks, five ki linemen, four nocturnals, three savior arrows, two roctopi, and an ancestor in a pear tree.


    6. Gmork

      I’m in too!

       That’s a really sweet idea


      Ah, curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! ~ Hoban "Wash" Washbourne – Firefly

    7. Twowire

      Count me in Little Bro!

       Sound like a great Idea!

      “[No matter where you go, there you are] – And Sigler knows exactly where there is! ”

    8. JP

      Thanks you two.

      My sweetheart is giving me some grief for saying I don’t recognize the names… she knows better. (I forgot to put the previously designated sarcasm markings in my post!) Oh well, I deserve to pay the price.


      – “I just did something involuntary. And messy.” – Sid

    9. teak


      thanks, I appreciate the kind words.  I’m almost done redesigning my website – I’ll post a link here when I’m finished; I’ll have a bunch of audio samples from previous albums on one of the pages.


      off to listen to Nocturnal episode #37….. 

    10. JP


      I’ve never heard of any of those folks… But seriously, DUDE, that’s impressive! So where can we hear some of your stuff? Point us in the direction you’d prefer…


      – “I just did something involuntary. And messy.” – Sid

    11. teak


      You got me – I am mainly a jazz musician, but have been fortunate enough to play many styles with tons of great musicians.  Trying to think of people I’ve performed with you guys might know – Julio Iglesias, Maynard Ferguson, Paul Anka, Maria Schneider, Temptations, Randy Brecker – hopefully you recognize a name or two.


      Who knows – maybe our FDO would like a jazz soundtrack backing up one of his future podcasts!  I’ve got a protools setup at home – I could email to him (too much of a hint?)  :) 

    12. JP

      Yes, please!

      I second the motion/request. The sax is a wonderful instrument. I’m a huge fan of Mindi Abair and Candy Dulfer. (For those who want a good smile to come to their faces, check out Candy’s cover of AVB’s Pick Up the Pieces. Fun and well done!) But back to you teak, please share your talent with us!


      – “I just did something involuntary. And messy.” – Sid

    13. MuchAdo

      OK Teak…..

      …..are my eyes deceiving me??  Is that a sax in your hand????  How about a sample for us junkies??????

      "Even crazy people sometimes base their fiction on an ounce of truth" -S. Sigler

    14. teak

      it’s all good

      no problem, I gotcha.  I just got back from a couple weeks on the road away from my 10 month old daughter – I tend to get kinda grouchy when I’m apart from my little one.


    15. JP

      NO! Well, maybe.

      It’s difficult not to get a little mushy when MuchAdo says things that make me blush… I mean, NO!


      – “I just did something involuntary. And messy.” – Sid

    16. MuchAdo

      Yes Teak,

      JP was just funning with you.  He is a good guy!!!!!  In more ways than you know.

      "Even crazy people sometimes base their fiction on an ounce of truth" -S. Sigler

    17. JP

      Now, now teak,

      all intended in good fun. We junkies pick on each other all the time. No intent to actually offend you. My only actual point was that the question you asked has been answered several times before, and Scott usually points out that there’s a great search function (thanks Pulsar!) on this site. So I’m funnin’ with you. No harm intended. A few CH’s coming your way to show the fraternal appreciation…


      – “I just did something involuntary. And messy.” – Sid

    18. teak


      Thanks for the info!  


      And JP – keep your mean-spirited, trivial comments to yourself.  I’m sure Sigler doesn’t mind hooking up fans with his content.  He didn’t get this far with an attitude like yours.

    19. JP

      You’re a patient FDO, Scott.

      How many times do you have to answer this question? The slow ones shouldn’t be allowed to play in this game. Or as some of my buddies say, “there’s just no fixing stupid.”


      – “I just did something involuntary. And messy.” – Sid

    20. teak

      Fitzroy #2??

      If Mt. Fitzroy episode #2 is dropping on the 27th – where is episode #1?? I’ve been looking everywhere on this site for it, but I can’t find it. It’s possible that repeated viewings of our FDO has destroyed my eyesight, but that’s no reason to deny this junky his content!!

    21. JP

      Sig, I think poor Joe Ego

      is like a guy who has struggled for hours not to drown in a big pool. Now he’s thirsty. Damn, if he could only get a glass of water…


      – “I just did something involuntary. And messy.” – Sid

    22. Semitheo

      well maybe magnus kills

      well maybe magnus kills people in the past, i mean its a well established fact that magnus is fucked up. maybe he had a dahmer complex and kept heads in his fridge

    23. The_HellJack

      Silent Night…Holy Shit!!!

      Many thanks, Mr. Sigler.

      Do me a favor, will you. Stop putting out such great content. Works with our man Matt Wallace, bringing my favorite novel of yours to a webcomic format (as well as my favorite Decoder Ring Theater show), and all this other killer work.

      It’s making it very, very difficult to continue hating on you. Quick, do something douche-esque.
      I am a masterpiece of self destruction

    24. Scott

      Their past

      They both had storied careers, so something from their past I think. Sucks you know they make it out, but maybe I can still find a way to keep you in suspense.

    25. MuchAdo

      On the sixth day of Sigmas

      the FDO gave to me, six chicken scissors, five Ki linemen, four nocturnals, three savior arrows, two roctopi and an ancestor in a pear tree.

      "Even crazy people sometimes base their fiction on an ounce of truth" -S. Sigler

    26. Jumper

      When do you sleep?

      My mum used to say Father Christmas could warp space and time to get the job done in one night. Twelve days of Audio content? You must be growing a beard and chugging the protein shakes.
      Good Call FDO!

      Pain is the teacher and fear is the key.

    27. Ozzy

      Holy Shiiite

      Hardcover of the Rookie? That would look GREAT next to my copies of Infected, Contagious and next to the wife’s Forensics books….

    28. sem1968

      Ho Ho Ho FDO!

      Hoping that for all that you give, and that is a WHOLE lot, you and your family receive back tenfold. I can’t wait for the spectacular string of your awesome stories over the holidays. I hope my family understands why I’m being so antisocial…earbuds in and eyes rolled back in head…what a fix!



    29. gmanvsfreeman

      On the fifth day of Sigmas

      THe FDO gave to me, five ki linemen, four nocturnals, three savior arrows, two roctopi, and an ancestor in a pear tree.


      Chasity, do not put that in your mouth!

    30. darn


      …MAGNUS. HOLY CRAP.  If you do a story with me as the main charachter, I just may hang up my rockets for good.  I can’t wait!!!



      No bout a doubt it

    31. StayzKrunchyInMilk

      Best… Christmas… Ever!!

      I can’t wait for contagious! oh and THE STARTER and KISSYMAN  2!! hell yeah!  this years gonna be one awesome christmas for us junkies!

      -Eagles may soar, but weasels never get sucked into jet engines!

    32. JP

      On the second day of Sigmas

      the FDO gave to me, two Roctopi, and an Ancestor in a pear tree.


      – “I just did something involuntary. And messy.” – Sid

    33. MuchAdo

      Mt. Fitzroy

      Now that’s the best christmas present I’ve ever received.  Your the best FDO!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      "Even crazy people sometimes base their fiction on an ounce of truth" -S. Sigler

    34. gmanvsfreeman

      OH HELL yeah!

      this christmas season will f*cking rock. 12 days of awesome stuff, not to mention the stuff planned before the twelve days.


      Chasity, do not put that in your mouth!

    35. The_Supreme_Narutard

      you do realize what this means for Sigmas…

      Sigler must now take Santa’s place. but with ancestors instead of reindeer

      By the way, Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    36. Scott

      You just wait …

      The Nathan Lowell CRYPT story is off the hook. Greg Crites’ CRYPT story will make your favorite character, I’m betting. And that is before we get to the big hitters, David Wellington, Jeremy Robinson and Andy Temic!

      Plus, I’m still crossing my fingers for a Mike Stackpole CRYPT story, but haven’t heard back from him.

    37. EJKorvette

      If I were suicidal,

       I would postpone offing myself until at least next year. Or I would overdose on this 100% hardcore pure mainline shit the FDO is pushing to his loyal addicted junkies.

      btw FDO The Crypt is the best thing you have done so far, and that is really saying something. I am looking forward to going back and relistening to all the Crypt stories you have leaked out so I can follow how the interaction of all those losers and headcases that have the bad luck to end up on the PUV James Keeling plays out.


      From there to here / From here to there / Funny things / Are everywhere

      – Theodor K. Geisl (1904 – 1991) 

    38. JP


      Great minds think alike! Excellent similar posts. Forgive n8, sometimes he loses what’s left of his mind. Ever since the incident…


      – “I just did something involuntary. And messy.” – Sid

    39. JP

      Now n8…

      What if he doesn’t make it happen? Are you saying he won’t be the best FDO ever? How many other FDOs do you know, exactly???


      – “I just did something involuntary. And messy.” – Sid

    40. JP


      And since you can’t talk about these two things yet, I can’t wait to hear what they are… (grin). Crap Sig, if this is what you can tell us so far, I can’t wait to hear the details! You rock, FDO!


      – “I just did something involuntary. And messy.” – Sid

    41. Twowire

      Excellent FDO!

      Looks like its gonna be a Killer Sigmas this year! How about Magnus’s first kill?

      “[No matter where you go, there you are] – And Sigler knows exactly where there is! ”

    42. Gmork

      Baker’s Dozen…

      Is it just me or am I counting 13 stories not 12?  It’s a Baker’s Dozen!!

      A Magnus story….a chapter of Desdcendant… a chapter of Mt Fitzroy!!!!  I’ll need rehab after all this Junie goodness

      edit: And I forgot to mention… Bloodcast stories with MattFnWallace *squee*

    43. Semitheo

      that would be an intriguing

      that would be an intriguing story. Maybe he could elaborate upon his youth.

    44. Semitheo

      nnnnn there the cocksucker

      nnnnn there the cocksucker goes dicker prick up the cockty middle faggoty fag. NNNHes brought down by a big fag in blue and yellow…. XD 


    45. snarkdogg

      Great Line Up

      Looks like a great line up so far.  I would love to see any new story involving Mr Biz-Nass ’cause I love that guy.  Or Maybe a monster football game involving Rocktopi, Ancestors, Nocturnals, and aliens from The Rookie.  Hmmmm… Maybe Mr Biz-Nas can be the color commentator for the game.

      Otherwise I an definately looking forward to it.  You rock!  Your stories rock.  Keep up the great work!

      -The Snarky Avenger-

    46. Scott

      New tricks planned for THE ROOKIE

      I have two things in store for THE ROOKIE, that I can’t talk about yet. One involves reformatting it for a certain handheld device. The other involves … dare I say it? Why yes, I dare … special-order hardcover only from this website.

    47. Semitheo

      Ultimate Sigmas!

      Thats a pretty wicked line up man1 i cant wait to hear it all. I want my ears to be bleeding and my eyes to be rolled back in my head.

      Scott you got a killer line up for us man. Im def gonna get contagious. Do you know if there are any more hard backs of Infected left? i lost mine…..TT_TT….im so fucking pissed at my self ….

      With the new release of the Starter will you re-release the rookie? and the same with ancestor?

    48. kelly


      What a great leader! The FDO is just like our real gov. (subject to change) always looking out for US. You’ve got to love that.  Thanks Sig.

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