We here at Dark Øverlord Media are big fans of SurlyRamics, so we were sad to hear of the recent, mid-summer kiln meltdown over at Surly HQ. I have no idea what happened (other than that physics was involved, and it got really, really hot), but I know all that overheating has cooled production.

The Only Variable is Time Surly

To help get things back on track, we’re offering a hot deal for you, and a chance to win a cool prize — Twelve Months of SurlyRamics!

That’s right, the winner of this contest gets one new Surly a month for twelve months. She offers this cool thing for $200, and we’re giving it away to one lucky winner.

WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO (deadline: September 6th):

  • Shop Surly for whatever strikes your fancy. (Psst — there are Sigler Surlies, and even Murvurse Surlies if you’re into podcasting authors, like I know you are.)
  • Use the code SIGLER at check out to get 10% off your order.
  • Enjoy your beautiful, handmade one-of-a-kind art.
WHAT WE’LL DO (after September 6th deadline):
  • We’ll get the names of anyone who purchased using the SIGLER code.
  • We’ll draw a winner from that pool of cool folks.
  • We’ll buy a Surly of the Month membership for one lucky winner! A $200 value!

By SEPTEMBER 6, 2013 smart guy!

Amy Davis Roth creates beautiful and unique, handmade ceramic jewelry for men and women. Inspired by science and nature, all stuff now 10% off if you use the coupon code “SIGLER.” Visit the Surly Etsy site to see the goods!

Eastbay coupon page at http://www.scottsigler.com/eastbay-coupon saves 15% on your Miami Heat championship gear!