A free audiobook, the short-story collection of nine disturbing tales from New York Times best-selling horror author Scott Sigler.

BONES ARE WHITE (The Color Series, Vol. II)


BONES ARE WHITE  is the second volume of collected short horror stories created by New York Times best-selling novelist Scott Sigler.

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This eBook- and audiobook-only collection brings you more of Scott’s thought-provoking short stories from his five years of weekly storytelling, as well as a brand-new HUNTER HUNTERSON & SONS story and a brand-new KISSYMAN tale.


• Passenger
• Bag Man
• Chuckles Mulrooney, Attorney for the Damned
• Hero
• Eusocial Networking
• Beam Up on Aisle Five
• Kissyman & The Last Song
• Hunter Hunterson & Sons: Home
• Hunter Hunterson & Sons: The $15 Burger (manuscript)

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