Scotty Doesn’t Know Episode #2

Actual answers below (hit “Continue Reading”): The second installment of this hard-hitting, Pulitzer-worthy show that has lots of newsiness baked right inside. I get asked five questions and give definitive answers, even if I have no idea what the actual answer is.

PS: I shot this awhile ago and don’t currently have that luscious, manly beard, so enjoy the face-lettuce while you can.

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What was the gold standard and when did it fall out of favor?
The system by which the value of a currency was defined in terms of gold, for which the currency could be exchanged. The gold standard was generally abandoned in the Depression of the 1930s.

What bright idea to keep us safe is John P. Knight credited with inventing?
John Peake Knight is credited with inventing the original traffic light in 1868, a semaphore system based on railway signalling. In 1866, a year in which 1102 people were killed and 1334 injured on roads in London, he proposed a signalling system to regulate the horse-drawn traffic and reduce the number of road accidents.

Where were French Fries invented?

Can you tell us what “a deuce” means in tennis?
A tied score in tennis in which each player or side has 40 points, or 5 or more games, and one player or side must win 2 successive points to win the game, or 2 successive games to win the set.

What is Blennophobia
Fear of slime.

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  1. E. L. Ritter

    Okay Mr. Scott Sigler. I was all set to dislike the first look of yours I read, ‘Infected’. With the warning that you gave me in the beginning of violence and foul language I knew it would be too much for an old fashioned sci fi buff like myself. I have been unable to put your books down over the last few days!
    I love the fact that I cannot predict who will die and who will live. Also your characters are so vivid. You hold my attention with your research and accuracy. Thanks for keeping the science in science fiction horror. I listened to your free serial stories then purchased them from audible. My husband will be getting the hard copies as gifts.

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