Book III in the INFECTED Trilogy

PANDEMIC Episode #38

Paulius and Bosh are about to take a road trip to end all road trips, straight through the converted. Steve Stanton’s reaction to Paulius ripping through Chicago in a firetruck could determine the fate of the human race. Meanwhile, Tim Feely is guns-up for the first time in his life, a life that will soon end if he can’t shoot straight.

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  1. El Cas

    What would I do in that situation? I would probably go into my military mode/solo mode and pick off targets as needed and always would be on the move hiding. Only exposing myself when truly needed.

    I am a strategist not a tacticianist.

  2. Pia Skovrider Overgaard

    Hi Scott

    Feel free to trash my last post. I found the episodes on this site.

    Thanks for all your great work. I love your books.

    Looking forward to book three of alive series and book two in the earthcore series as podcasts.

    Sincerely Pia, Denmark

  3. Lucie Le Blanc

    To answer your question, I’d probably be a badass! I used to be a money carrier, so I got lots of training. I also have a well of aggressivity that would love to get out. Give me a gun and deserving targets! Heeehaaaaw! L’OLP

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