DragonCon 2014 Schedule

Scott Sigler's schedule at Dragon*Con

Dragon*Con 2014It’s time for one of our favorite cons, DragonCon in Atlanta, This year Scott’s schedule is light, so catch him while you can. If you’re coming to the con, make sure you come see us, even if it’s at the Hilton bar! The Star Party is a great opportunity to hang out too, even though we are just in attendance and are not presenting there.


Atlanta Star Party: Thursday, August 28, 7:00pm (2 hours) Get tickets now!
Stargazing, food, drinks and conversations with astronomers (including Pamela Gay, Nicole Gugliucci and Derek Demeter). Proceeds benefit CosmoQuest, one of Empty Set’s 2014 chosen charities.

Fictional Writing and Skepticism
Friday 8/29, 4:00pm • Hilton 207 / 206 / 205 / 204
A few top authors, who are also skeptics, discuss what effect their personal skepticism has on their writings.

FSL Tonight, LIVE!
Friday 8/29, 5:30pm • Hilton Crystal Ballroom
Sci/Fantasy sports. Mordor vs. The Empire. Vulcan battles Alderaan. And FSL Tonight brings you all the action.

Podcasting Authors Roundtable
Saturday, 8/30, 10:30am • Hilton 203
Join a roundtable discussion of working writers who utilize podcasting to distribute and promote their work.

Raise a glass for PG Holyfield
Saturday, 8/30, 10:00pm • Hilton bar!
We were planning a One for the Junkies panel, but have to cancel due to a room scheduling conflict. Instead, we’ll meet in the Hilton Bar. We’ll donate $5 to the PG Holyfield Fund for each person to come raise a glass with us; and we’ll make it $6 if you wear a trilby hat (his lid!)

Scott and A present at the Parsec Awards
Sunday, 8/31. 5:30pm • Hyatt Regency Ballroom
Scott and A present the first award of the evening! The Parsec Awards are a celebration of speculative fiction podcasting. Awards are given in several categories ranging from content to audio quality.

Scott on V-WARS panel
Sunday, 8/31. 7:00pm • Westin Peachtree 1-2
Scott talks about his story in the V-WARS: BLOOD & FIRE anthology, due out Oct 7 in hardcover from IDW. The awesome Jonathan Maberry (series creator and editor) will be there, as will be other authors from the series.

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NOCTURNAL Episode #44

Bryan Clauser has descended into the labyrinth of tunnels below San Francisco, into the home of the killer cult known as Marie’s Children. They have his partner, Pookie Chang, and are about to put Pookie to death. Bryan and his heavily armed comrades: Black Mister Burns, Adam Jessup and Alder Jessup, have engaged the enemy. When we last left Bryan, he had leapt from the ledge of a sprawling cavern toward the deck of a ruined galleon that has sat below San Francisco for 200 years. His target: Teenager Rex Deprovdechuk and the murderers who call him “King.”


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NOCTURNAL Episode #43

The killing has begun. Far below the streets of San Francisco, Pookie Chang and other members of the SFPD have been put on trial by Rex Deprovdechuk, the King of the murderous cult known as Marie’s Children. Will Pookie get a death sentence? Meanwhile, Bryan Clauser is forcing Aggie James to take him into the tunnels. Will Bryan, Black Mister Burns and the Jessups reach Pookie in time for a stay of execution?


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FridayFix™ Scott’s dramatic reading of California DMV guide #1

Happy Friday everybody!

Earlier this month there was a scavenger hunt on the internet that had nothing to do with us — until it did.

GISHWHES stands for (The) Greatest International Scavenger Hunt (the) World Has Ever Seen, and the 2014 list of things to scavenge included this:

“VIDEO: A NYT best-selling author or Tony-award winning actor or actress doing a dramatic reading of a section of this: http://apps.dmv.ca.gov/pubs/hdbk/right_of_way.htm”

Although Scott was rudely ignored during this year’s Tony Awards for the riveting portrayal of Riff in that revival of West Side Story that never happened … he did still fit the bill.

Although we received many requests, we were only able to fit in about a dozen.  Here’s the first result, with more to come as the week goes on.

Please to enjoy.

Click here to download the video.

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NOCTURNAL Episode #42

Following a battle at San Francisco General Hospital, Pookie Chang was taken by Rex, Pierre and Sly. What will Marie’s Children do with him? John “Black Mister Burns” Smith has spent years hiding in either his apartment, or at the SFPD headquarters. Now Bryan Clauser has called upon John to be part of the […]

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NOCTURNAL Episode #41

Marie’s Children attacked San Francisco General Hospital, and made off with not only Jebediah Erickson, the Savior, but also Pookie Chang. Pookie’s partner, Bryan Clauser, was badly injured in the fight. He is with Adam and Alder Jessup, and with Aggie James, the street bum who was held captive by Marie’s Children. Bryan and Co are racing to the apartment of Robin Hudson, who might be the monsters next target. Can they get to Robin in time?



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And check out our new sponsor, The Great Courses. They’re pimping 80% off the cool course “The Art of Storytelling.” Listen to the episode for details.

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Scott as King Joffrey from Game of Thrones

Speed painting from artist Len Peralta

If you’ve never seen “speed painting” videos before, they are a hallmark of the new era of digital art and social media. Here’s one from the “Geek-A-Week” feature where artist Len Peralta made me King Joffrey Baratheon (the best character ever in GAME OF THRONES. Three minutes to see how a piece of art comes […]

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NOCTURNAL Episode #40

Bryan Clauser and Pookie Chang are at San Francisco General Hospital. They suspect that Chief of Police Amy Zou — the most powerful cop in The City — is crooked, and about to turn Jebediah Erickson over to the murderous cult known as Marie’s Children. Erickson is the vigilante killer “Savior.” A fight with Bryan left Erickson in critical condition, and the old man is now a sitting duck for Sly, Pierre, Sucka and Rex, who all want the old man dead.


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NOCTURNAL Episode #39

Rex Deprovdechuk claims to be the king of Marie’s Children, but to cement his rule, he must become one with the Queen. Aggie James finally escaped the White Dungeon, but he didn’t get far. Now he comes face to face with new threats: Bryan Clauser and Pookie Chang. Amy Zou has returned home to her family — what will she do to keep her twin daughters alive?


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Waitaminute ... Scarlet Johansson gets nekkid?

A review of the UNDER THE SKIN DVD and Blu-Ray, starring Scarlett Johansson

So, you’ve got Scarlett Johansson driving a van around the streets of Glasgow, picking up single young men and taking them back to her place for a bit of the ol’ hanky panky. How could that possibly be a bad thing? Introduce a vat of random black goo, that’s how. Duh. It’s like Screenwriting 101, really.


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NOCTURNAL Episode #38

San Francisco Police Chief Amy Zou is on her way to see Rex Deprovdechuk, who is at Zou’s house — where her husband and two children are held captive. Zou has been instructed to tell no one if she ever wants to see her family again. Meanwhile, street bum Aggie James has his new charge in tow, but he is finally escaping the underground lair of murder, mutants and the White Dungeon. How far will he get? And in those lairs, the hideous creation known as “Mommy” awaits her next husband …


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Top 10 microbrews I won’t drink

Oh no! He speaks against the party line!

Beer snobbery is too much

I catch a lot of crap because I am a fan of Bud Light. All you hoity-toity beer snobs lecture me nonstop on drinking “water” or “shit beer,” etc.

On every book tour, it’s the same damn thing: “Why don’t you let me buy you a real beer?” Or, “What, are you still in college?” Follow […]

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ALIVE sent to editor

(a.k.a., "Damn, it feels good to be a gangster")

ALIVE by New York Times best-selling author Scott Sigler

Boom! I say, I say, boom!

This is one of the best feelings in the biz, people — sending off a completed manuscript to an editor. We’re ballparking Summer 2015 for this release, but I can’t say for sure until the editor at Del Rey does his thing.

This is effectively the final draft, as he […]

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NOCTURNAL Episode #37

San Francisco Chief of Police Amy Zou once took Jebediah Erickson off the streets, then, when she learned of the carnage that act created, she was responsible for the cover-up that got him out of the asylum. Now her 30-year involvement with Savior is about to affect her in the worst way she can imagine.



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