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FridayFix • The making
of the ALIVE BookTrailer

The book trailer for ALIVE was posted last week, and it’s doing great things for us. Coverage from Entertainment Weekly (where it premiered), YouTube star Anna Akana and BookTuber Regan Peruse has brought us a ton of views. We have people who have never heard of Scott Sigler pre-ordering the novel ahead of the July 14 release date.

So, trailer = good. But what goes into making a book trailer? To give you a peek behind the curtain, Scott and I sat down with Mallory O’Meara and Jack Bennett, who were the producer and director of the ALIVE trailer, respectively.

We talk about using the visual medium to make a no-spoiler trailer for a book, and the inherent pros and cons: the creative process; reality vs. the original vision; budget limits; killing your darlings; and how “perfection is often the enemy of the interesting” as Jack says in the ‘cast. (And yes, we know the aphorism is slightly different, which is, in a way, Jack’s point. No need to write in!)

Jack, Mallory and their whole team brought all their talents to bear, and delivered a sublime trailer for ALIVE. We loved working with them and we love the end result.

Where you can find Jack: Scott Ian’s Bloodworks, Damn Dirty Geeks Podcast

Where you can find Mallory: @sexoskeleton, Dark Dunes Productions

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ALIVE Book Trailer

FFS, we posted the ALIVE trailer all over hell and high water and forgot to post it on our own damn site. Jiminy, we must be busy or something. Well, feast your eyes, Junkies! Not only are we posting the trailer here, but the next installment on this site/feed will be a cool “Making of the trailer” podcast with the producer and director.

This is a good version, but for the seriously high-quality high-def trailer, click here to watch it on YouTube. Book trailers — yes, they are a thing!

ALIVE is out July 14. Don’t think “YA” is for you? Yeah, right, sucka, like a Sigler novel is going to be about high school melodrama or something. That’s okay, we’re out to convince you it’s the real deal, that’s why we’re giving $15 off GFL Book VI if you pre-order a hardcover copy of ALIVE (which basically means your getting ALIVE for free).

Click here to download the trailer.

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ALIVE Episode #2

M. Savage woke to a nightmare — trapped in a coffin, alone, unable to remember anything about her past. She fought her way free only to find herself in a room full of coffins. One of those coffins contained another girl, trapped just like her. In this episode, the blood-streaked pair try to make some sense of their situation.

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Wanna save $15 on the limited-edition GFL Book VI hardcover when it goes on sale in 2016? Pre-order the ALIVE hardcover before July 14 and email the receipt to We’ll send you a unique code to use for GFL Book VI. It’s like getting ALIVE for free! Details here.

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ALIVE Episode #1

This is the first episode of ALIVE, the serialized audiobook version of the hardcover/eBook/full-length-audiobook that will be out July 14 from Del Rey Books. This is Scott’s sixteenth free, unabridged podcast novel. This one is narrated by Emma Galvin. We hope you enjoy it, and spread the word!

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FridayFix • Inside Big Publishing

Sometimes we get email asking why we don’t just tell “Big Publishing” to take a hike and put out all of Scott’s work ourselves. Emails that speak of untold glory and money that would be all ours — all ours! — without “the Man” taking a cut.

We’ve been working with Scott’s team at Del Rey (a division of Penguin Random House) for about two years now, and it’s been great. Before that, the team at Crown Publishing was also great. Just like any subject-matter expert, our “Big Publishing” pals bring things to the table that we can’t, which is just the way we like it!

Don’t see a “play” button above? Click here to download. Thanks to this week’s sponsor, our GoDaddy Coupon page!

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Part Two of Two

Here’s the second half of our oh-so-fun Q&A session for Book V of the GFL series. Missed Part I? It’s right here, fool!

And again, a warning. SPOILER ALERT for the whole episode.

Now a warning?

There are spoilers for the whole GFL series, and even spoilers for several other Siglerverse stories. You’ve been warned!

Don’t see a “play” button above? Click here to download. Oh, look, a Young Adult Books page.

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Part One of Two

The podcast for Book V of the GFL series is complete. Quentin and the crew have made it through another season of hardcore gridiron football. Well, mostly. ARealGirl and the Future Dark Overlord sat down for an hour to answer some questions sent in over the last few weeks by y’all.

Spoiler Alert! Especially at our SPOILER ALERT for the whole episode. There are spoilers for the whole GFL series, and even spoilers for several other Siglerverse stories. You’ve been warned!

There were so many questions we broke this episode up into two hour-long episodes. We’ll have another 60 minute’s worth on Wednesday if you’re interested in even more!

Don’t see a “play” button above? Click here to download. And check out our Young Adult Books page.

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FridayFix • Should you outline your novel?

Featuring best-selling authors Naomi Novik & Peter V. Brett

Naomi NovikWhen we hit Phoenix Comicon, we got to hang out with a ton of awesome authors. We were able to snag a few of them for FridayFix interviews about writing and the business of writing. This week’s FridayFix features one of those interviews, with the awesome Peter V. Brett and the brilliant Naomi Novik. I chatted them up about a constant question I get from new writers: should I outline my book, or just write it?

Naomi is the author of the New York Times best-selling Temeraire series, and her brand-new novel UPROOTEDPETER V BRETT which is in stores on June 15, 2015. Snag it! Peter is the author of the Demon Cycle series,  some seriously kick ass fantasy. They are both New York Times best-sellers and have sold gajillions of books, meaning they know their shit when it comes to writing.

Peter outlines, Naomi doesn’t, so listen in and see which method might work for you.

We also talk about Peter writing an entire novel on his cell phone, and Naomi writing her latest novel in freaking long-hand. You know, on actual paper? WTF.

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THE CHAMPION Episode #39

At the end of last episode, Quentin blocked as Becca Montagne ran behind him — and then over him — for the go-ahead touchdown. With less than a minute to play in the Galaxy Bowl, the Krakens cling to a slim lead, but it’s not over … not as long as Don Pine has the ball in his hands. Can Ionath hold off the Jupiter Jacks and repeat as GFL champs?

Remember, next week’s episode is our Q & A. Send us an mp3 with your question to and we’ll play them next week!  You can also call 1-206-666-4673. (That’s 1-206-666-GORE.)

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FridayFix • ALIVE Tour Dates

ALIVE, Book I in the Generations Trilogy, comes out on July 14th. That is less than six weeks from this very moment. We’re well into the planning stages to support it’s publication, and today we get to start sharing the plan with y’all.

Starting with the ALIVE Tour dates and cities, which include the first ever Empty Set Entertainment Open House!

  • July 8, 6:00pm – 9:00pm: Launch Party and Open House at Empty Set Entertainment! We’ve teamed up with Mysterious Galaxy and will have ALIVE on-sale during this event! All are welcome, email us for details!
  • July 12, 7:00pm: San Diego, CA at Mysterious Galaxy (appearing with Wes Chu!)
  • July 14, 7:00pm: Chicago, IL at The Book Stall (in Winnetka)
  • July 15, 7:00pm: Cincinnati, OH at Joseph-Beth Booksellers
  • July 16, 7:00pm: Brooklyn, NY at WORD Bookstore
  • July 17, 6:30pm: Houston, TX at Murder By The Book
  • July 18, 2:00pm: Denver, CO at the Tattered Cover (This is an afternoon appearance.)
  • July 20, 7:00pm: Portland, OR Powell’s Books
  • July 21, 7:00pm: Minneapolis, MN at Barnes & Noble Roseville

There you go, Junkies!  As we mention in the ‘cast, these cities are set — we won’t be adding others, for many reasons. Also, Scott will be doing the post-reading pub crawl as usual. Once we set up those venues, we’ll update this list. If you’re within spitting distance of any of these stops, come on out and say howdy!

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THE CHAMPION Episode #38

For the Galaxy Bowl, an injured Quentin Barnes has turned over the quarterbacking reins to Becca the Wrecka Montagne, but he’ll be damned if he’ll stay off the field for what might very well be his last game ever. He has spent five years building a true team, and that’s critical, because only with a pure team effort can the Karkens defeat Don Pine and the Jupiter Jacks. Will the Krakens repeat as Galaxy Bowl champions?

The Galaxy Bowl is decided next week in Episode 39, which is also the final episode of THE CHAMPION. After that, we’ll have episode 40 with our Q&A, and then, the podcast of ALIVE will begin.

Do you have your pre-order in for ALIVE? Listen, Junkie, if you’re still listening, and you haven’t pre-ordered ALIVE in hardcover, that’s the secret sauce that keeps me writing. We kick out a ton of free content on this show — buying ALIVE can be your way of helping put me over the top. — Amazon, BN, autographed copies, go get some!


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THE CHAMPION Episode #37

The Krakens were preparing for the Galaxy Bowl when explosions rocked The Touchback, the team ship. Jonathan Sandoval had infiltrated the ship in an effort to kill Quentin Barnes. Quentin survived the attempt, but several others died in the sabotage and the fighting. Now the young quarterback must deal with his grief and his wounds, as he tries to prepare for the GFL’s championship game against Don Pine and the Jupiter Jacks.

After the ep, we have a promo for THE BLACK: ARRIVAL, a podcast novel from Paul E. Cooley.

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