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FridayFix • One for the Junkies from Dragon*Con 2015

In early September Empty Set went to Dragon*Con 2015 in Atlanta, GA.  It’s a great con, and we always have the best time. While there, we recorded this year’s “One for the Junkies” panel, and we’re posting that as today’s FridayFix.

A couple of notes:

The language in this recording is for mature audiences. There are some naughty words, mostly from me.

The audio recording is a little hot, especially for Scott. I’ve edited the worst of it out, I think, but you’ll still have to ride the volume button on your phone to manage the hot spots.

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ALIVE Episode #13

Somehow, the Birthday Children have wound up exactly where they started. In front of Em, a mystery — the coffin room she and her friends woke up in, the same room they walked away from. How can they be back? And is there any chance for escape?

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FridayFix • Saving the Ki Hand

In this week’s FridayFix we document the saving of Scott E. Pond Designs​’s Ki Hand, which was a prop for the cover of THE MVP. The Ki are a species from Scott’s Galactic Football League novels, and the cover of THE MVP show a Ki hand […]

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ALIVE Episode #12

A rest, a brief peace, a critical break from the never ending stress — all of that evaporated in the last episode when something grabbed Bello and dragged her into the Garden’s underbrush. Now, Em must react — but can she save her friend?

Don’t see a “play” button above? Click here to download.

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ALIVE Episode #11

The Birthday Children have reached the Garden, but at such a cost.  In this episode, the tension between Em and Aramovsky comes to a head. Is Aramovsky looking out for the spiritual well-being of the group, or is trying to discredit Em as leader and push her out?

No talky-talk after the episode this week!

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SiglerFest Featured Image NEW

FridayFix • SiglerFest 2K15 Update!

SiglerFest 2K15 is fast approaching!  It’s right around now that we start to get lots of questions:

  • Can I still register? (Yes! Get on that!)
  • What goes on at SiglerFest? (Listen to the cast, yo!)
  • How’d y’all get to be so great? (It’s the Junkies, obvs.)

Take a listen to this short ‘cast to whet your appetite. Can’t wait to see y’all in Vegas!

extedit-SiglerFest 2k1420141011-7091-EditOh! And the SiglerFest 2K14 photo books are done and they’re glorious and lovely! Shot and designed by the sublimely talented and gracious Bruce Press, they are a wonderfully fun memento of a great weekend.
Unlike previous years, we will not have copies for purchase on hand in Las Vegas this year. Instead, you can head over to Blurb right now and order your copies directly! While you’re there you can pick up other years too if you like!

As ever, a million thanks to Bruce Press for his great work and also this year for patiently nudging me over and over to get the book done early enough to put it up for sale well in advance of SiglerFest!


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ALIVE Episode #10

After discovering food and water in the Garden, it should have been a happy occasion for Em and the kids. But then, tragedy befell Latu, and Em was the first to see what happens when people are left alone with hungry pigs. So this won’t happen to anyone else, Em and Bishop are in a race against to get the rest of their people and bring them safely to the garden.


  • Last week Scott was at a NASA rocket test at Stennis Space Center in Mississsippi! Check out the video right below this post for ALIVE Episode #10, or see it at
  • We sent out GLF VI coupons from the ALIVE pre-order contest! If you don’t have yours, check ALL of your email accounts, including spam folders.  If you STILL don’t have it, email info@emptyset.  (As a reminder, to be eligible, you had to buy ALIVE before July 13, 2015.)
  • ALIGHT cover is posted! Book II of the Generations trilogy, the sequel to ALIVE. See it at, or at Scott’s instagram account,

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FridayFix #141: Scott’s trip to NASA Stennis

FDØ watches RS-25 rocket test: takes world-domination notes

I was invited by NASA Social to watch a test of the RS-25 rocket engine, which once drove the Space Shuttle program and is now a main element of the Space Launch System (SLS). Watch this bad boy go from -400 to 6,000 freakin’ degrees in a matter of seconds, then instantly freeze back up again when the burn is done. Amazing stuff. Thank you, NASA!

• NASA’s fancy video of the same event
• Overview of the RS-25 engine

Click here Click here to download the video.

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Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

The NFL season is almost upon us: I delude myself, do you?

All teams want that trophy! Learn more at

We’re sixteen days from the launch of the NFL 2015 campaign. If you’re an NFL fan, then you — like me — are unavoidably thinking that this is the year for your team. Don’t lie, fool, I can tell you’re thinking of a possible 10-6 record, maybe even 12-4, a trip to the playoffs, a couple of […]

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ALIVE Episode #9

Em and the others were shocked to run into a pig. Desperate for food, the kids made the instant decision to kill the pig, but it escaped, biting Latu in the shoulder and badly wounding her as it did. Against Em’s orders, Bishop ran after the pig, leaving Em no choice but to follow him. They tracked the wounded animal’s to a room with something the kids have never seen before — plants, a dense wall of brambly thicket. The pig’s blood trail leads through a shallow tunnel gnawed through that thicket, so that’s where Bishop and Em will go, too.

Stick around after the episode to hear all about my trip to NASA’s Stennis Space Center in Mississippi this past week!

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FridayFix • Author Jason Hough talks
about his new novel ZERO WORLD

Published in rapid succession, Jason M. Hough’s first three novels, THE DARWIN ELEVATOR, THE EXODUS TOWERS, and THE PLAGUE FORGE, earned comparisons to James S. A. Corey and John Scalzi. Hough returns with ZERO WORLD, a riveting near-future spy thriller described as “James Bond meets INCEPTION.” Jason sat down with Scott to talk about becoming an “instant best-seller,” writing schedules, and juggling family needs with his role as a full-time writer.

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ALIVE Episode #8

Em has led the Birthday Children into a strange, broken-down area filled with coffins of a different kind — thin, white, heavily beat-up, and empty. Em, O’Malley and Latu are looking in one set of rooms, Bishop and El-Saffani in the others. What they all find next will change their existence forever.

This week no talky-talk after the episode!

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ALIVE Episode #7

Em and her friends met Bishop and his crew. A brief, peaceful struggle for control of the Birthday Children left Em with the spear, a symbol of power. She now leads 23 other people through the halls, looking for a way out. They are also looking for food, and, more importantly, water. If they don’t find sustenance soon, Em knows her people will die.

Are you waiting on your ALIVE pre-order coupon code for $15 off the next GFL book? DO NOT FRET! It’s on the way. We’re testing the codes to make sure they’re individual and evergreen and they should get sent out to you this week! We haven’t forgotten you!

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FridayFix • Making the ALIVE Spears

As part of the promotion of ALIVE, we decided to make prop spears. (Spears feature prominently in the novel.)

Super talented artist, prop maker and all around great guy Frank Ippolito designed and made them, and generously invited us to his shop to help put the finishing touches on his awesome work. And he let us bring the Dog of Doom!

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