I knew her when we were immortal


Spoiler alert: my friend Shannon died today, after a long battle with multiple cancers. Writing is my life and my therapy. This is me trying to work through some things in the only way I know how. Besides scotch, I mean. Oh, wait, I’m doing both at the same time!

My friend Shannon was a […]

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ALIGHT Episode #20

Em has been captured by the Grownups. She’s being held captive in the Observatory, forced to watch as her friends are changed into something else, as they are wiped out forever. Her turn is next. Meanwhile, Aramovsky’s betrayal continues. In exchange for weapons he needs for his war against the Springers, he has agreed to deliver more of Em’s friends into Matilda’s hands.


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FridayFix • NYT bestselling author Kevin Hearne

Author Kevin Hearne came to San Diego for ComicCon. We baited him into the Lair of Døøm with tacos and Mexican corn. He couldn’t resist, then we got him on the mic to talk about his Iron Druid series.


Cool stuff we talk about:

  • Eleven characters of first-person present, in one novel? Madness!
  • Pros and cons of Scrivener and MS Word.
  • A 19-year path to stardom.
  • The benefits of age when it comes to writing.
  • The IRON DRUID series as well as Kevin’s next epic fantasy series.
  • Tacos (duh).

HearneGiveawayWe’re giving away the first four books of the Iron Druid series to someone who puts their best taco-related recipe into the comments below.

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Shifting our priorities

I.e., "Striking while the iron is hot."


“Hey, Sig, what’s up with the old white dead dude at the top of this page?”

Well, Pilgrim’, we’re making some changes in these here parts. We’re easing up on something that has served us well for a decade so we can better focus on what we do best.

You won’t see the effect of these changes […]

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ALIGHT Episode #19

In the last episode, tragedy and blood. Several Birthday Children are dead, as are several Springers, all killed at the hands of Matilda and the grownups. O’Malley is missing and might be dead. Barkah is badly hurt, but with Lahfah’s help may have escaped the battle. Em was waiting to ambush Matilda, but was ambushed and knocked out cold.


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FridayFix™ • #1 NY Times bestseller V.E. Schwab

Author Victoria Schwab came to San Diego for ComicCon, and we had her into the Empty Set Studios for a kick-ass interview. We talk about her books, why good fantasy has as many rules as science fiction, how she writes intuitive magic systems, what authors really talk about with each other at cons, and much more.


V.E. Schwab

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ALIGHT Episode #18

The lumpy ship landed in Uchmal, with Bello aboard, but three people sent to examine the shuttle — Coyotl, Beckett and Muller — have gone missing. Bello and Aramovsky banded together to oust Em from leadership, with Aramovsky taking her place. He tricked Em into venturing out into the jungle to try and make contact with the Springers. O’Malley went after her. After discovering a massive Springer army marching toward Uchmal, Em and O’Malley hid in the water-filled basement of the ruined church. Barkah found them there — now Em and O’Malley will find out if he is truly friend or foe.


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FridayFix • ALIVE is a #1 New York Times Bestseller!

This week marks the one year anniversary of ALIVE’s release in hardcover. And on Wednesday we got word that ALIVE hit the New York Times Bestsellers List at number one for Young Adult eBooks!

Do you hear those angels singing?  That’s because that makes Scott an unadulterated NYT #1 Bestseller for all time.  It’s glorious!

Scott Sigler #1 New York Times best-sellerIn all seriousness, it’s a huge accomplishment and I’m so happy for Scott to achieve this lifelong goal. And, as a Junkie, I’m really proud to have been a part of the road to success.


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ALIGHT Episode #17

The Birthday Children were hit with the huge revelation as to what their forehead symbols mean. Em, the leader, was meant to be a slave, a realization that sends shockwaves through the community. The strange ship that landed in Uchmal held one passenger — Bello, thought missing for so long. Bello is back at the shuttle, but Em doesn’t trust that her friend is all she appears to be. Becket, Muller and Coyotl rode Coyotl’s spider to that ship to see if Beckett, a gear, could fly it, but they are long overdue. Did Barkah’s people take them? Bishop and Bawden have gone looking for the missing Birthday Children.


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Scotty Doesn’t Know Episode #1

We make with the funny and try a new bit — the Director of Doom asks me five random questions and I give answers (whether I know what the hell is going on or not).

Also in this video, please help me pick out my new Warby Parker frames by picking 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 in the comments!

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How to spot a total asshole


Dear Junkies:

You can buy my stories if you so choose. Many of you do, and for that I am grateful. Some of you choose instead to listen to the free podcasts. That’s cool, too. The free podcast is kept free via advertising — you know, like every other form of storytelling entertainment. You may have heard […]

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ALIGHT Episode #16

Em has just learned that Spingate is pregnant with Gaston’s child — how will this affect the group? The Xolotl had only one shuttle, which the Birthday Children took to reach the surface, but in the last episode an unknown ship descended to the planet and landed somewhere within the walls of Uchmal. Who or what is on that ship?


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Friday Fix • 66 Best Movie Taglines

A few weeks back we ran a Friday Fix where Scott quizzed me on the Top 50 worst tag lines. It was fun, but I can’t say I did all that well.

This week we’re back with the Top 66 best tag lines, and I won’t lie — I don’t fare much better.

If you want to play along with us, here’s the link Scott was using.


Scott mentions a sweet Key & Peele skit about Gremlins 2. You can check that out here.

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The death of the Goreline

Death of the Goreline

Back in 2005, a devilishly handsome young podcaster was looking for a way to get more fan involvement on his show. He found this crazy site called K7.net, which gave a free 206-area-code number that worked not only as a free fax-to-JPEG service, but also a free call-to-MP3 service. You called the number, left a message, […]

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ALIGHT Episode #15

Em and Spingate were beaten by “Springers” and might have died if not for the attack of a snake-wolf, the dominant predator of Omeyocan. The beast killed two of the Springers and wounded a third. Em and the Springer she knows of only as “Purple” killed the beast. As the jungle rains poured down, Em, Spingate, Purple and the wounded springer took refuge in the ruins of what appears to be an ancient, mostly collapsed church. And now, Episode 15 of, ALIGHT.


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FridayFix • So You Wanna Be A Writer #6

Why writers and creators need a website

Hey, writer-person (and/or any creative person who wants to sell stuff) … you need a website. This video tells you why you need one right now, even if you don’t have your book out yet. Yes, it’s important. Yes, social media alone isn’t enough for your long-term career. Watch! Learn! Act!

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