1. scottsigler

    @shadygirl, @exoticali, @macmkaz: Than’s for the feedback. We’ll keep tinkering with the style. We’re fighting for some of that short-attention-span demographic on YouTube, but it will take us some time to settle in to a natural approach that makes sense.

  2. Shadygirl

    I agree. I dont mind it some, but this was just a bit too quick. I do suspect that is a taste of what is sounds like inside the FDO’s brain. He never stops. 

  3. macmkaz

    I liked the content. I didn’t care for the editing which eliminated the pauses bewtween phrases. Likeyouweretryingtocutthetimedownasmuchaspossible. This sounded so unnatural.

  4. exotiKali

    Very cool show – I hope you get to expose yourself to a lot of potential new junkies. I suck at shooter games but I can’t wait for Colonial Marines. It would be an honor to get skull tapped by an Alien.

  5. scottsigler

    @cavemanstirs: I know, right? I hope I’ve met my deadlines when that bad boy comes out, because productivity is going to drop.

  6. cavemanstirs

    Scott, great show. I can’t wait to load up Aliens: Colonial Marines, turn down the light, turn up the volume and start screaming ‘They’re in the walls!’

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