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    My conversation in PM with the FDOtm

    ME:Permission to hug you, SAH?

    Sigler: The FDO™ doesn’t do hugs unless you have silicone breast implants. Sorry, it’s in the by-laws.

    ME:  Sire, I have Paris Hilton on line one for you, she requests a hug.

    Sigler: I’m in! That guarantees you live through the first wave, by the way. Send her my way.

    Me:  Oh, and in the short story Wolf, are those uggl-@$$-mo-fo’s Ki?

    Sigler: Those are not the Ki. Those are something else. Something … unsavory.

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    North Carolina is where Sigler belongs….

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    this guy is from england.he’s a spy.yea but for which side!!!

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    my aunt. Same one mentioned in other threads. Bad thing is, she just keeps coming back…

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    ki was my first thought too, but the skin color and other discriptions  didn’t quite mesh..

    The Siglerverse now includes the Eve Universe.

    North Carolina is where Sigler belongs….

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     could it be a ki female?

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    What was the ugly-@$$-mo-fo critter that the wolves killed?

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