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Who is Barnes modeled after?

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    I’ve been thinking about this, and it seems to me that Quentin is a mixture of Ben Rothlisberger’s youthful impetuousness, and Tom Brady’s take charge leadership.

    FDØ, am I at least a little close??

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    I just keep wishing Tim Tebow would turn out to be Q. I know it’s not going to happen, but I can dream, can’t I?

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    I dunno Tom Brady is definitely too much of a pretty boy to bear any resemblence to our beloved Q I think. I mean, he was out for a whole season for what again…breaking a nail? Q would be back on the field even if he had to crawl!

    My sister is a fan of the cheating Patriots, so I gotta give her hell about Brady a bit…why not here too!

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    Cam Newton… Obviously… The FDO has a time machine and knows exactly how much of a kick ass athlete Super-Man’s gonna be…

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    Uh.. .Tom Brady is nothing more than Justin Bieber’s boytoy…

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    Wasn’t is McNabb? I thought that was mentioned in the past that Donnovan was a major inspiration for Q in the way he brings a physicality to the QB position.

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    Dante Culpepper, actually. Although, Tebow sure seems like he took a page out of Quentin’s playbook, I won’t lie.

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    I think Cam Newton is basing his career after Q’s. Even as a Chiefs fan I’m excited to join the Church of Cam and prevent the Prawatt’s from coming into existence.

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    I think Q is modeled after all the great quarterbacks in the Nfl past and present. A little of Young, Montana, Namath, etc. Like all the other players in the GFL are model after the greats of the NFL.

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    Yeh, I noticed some parallels between Cam and Q. as well.

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    This just in…..Dan Skipper is 6 foot 10 and 280 lbs and plays offensive lineman from Ralston Valley. He was offered a scholarship by Colorado. What they need to do is put him in as Quarterback and get him to throw the ball.

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    As long as its not Tony Romo…

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