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Where the Hell is my Dinolition Novel??

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    @Voodoo: It’s close! I have about 50 pages to go in the final edit before it goes into production. Cover is almost done. It’s on hold until we finish shipping THE CHAMPION, then, hopefully, I can get at it. But no promises — could be as late as 2015 before you see Pete do his thang.

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    So what’s the answer… do we have a timeline on The Rider?

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    @BukaHobbit” First of all, THE RIDER will melt your face. Second, ALIVE probably will, too. Don’t count it out because it’s “YA.”

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    Okay, I don’t mean to diss the YA stuff like Alive. That is what pays the bills. I really am looking forward to the series, but I gotsta have my Dinolition.

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    Scott bragged about writing the Driver: Adventures of Poughkeepsie Pete. He yammered about it for months, but where the hell is it? I gotta have my Dinolition novel! Stop that YA (young adult) stuff and finish up my TA (twisted adult) stuff. Pleeeeeeease!?!?!?!

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