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Where has Tuesday Terror Gone???

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    Tuesday Terror’s fate remains uncertain at this point.

    I’m sure those of you who knew me on the boards noticed I went from being very active in the forums and in social media and then one day I just vanished. It must have seemed like I died or fell into a black hole or something. Sorry about that. I had a serious medical crisis which I am *still* recovering from. Sorry I was unable to give any sort of advance notice or get back on the boards sooner.

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    As I recall, it was mostly Erotica.

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    TuesdayTerror was a fan-fiction show by Arioch Morningstar. He would take submissions of Sigler fan fiction, then edit, record and podcast 1-2 a month. Arioch has taken a break from the show. We don’t know if he’ll do more, so for now the TuesdayTerror is on hold indefinitely.

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    I’d like to see these return…

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    There any recent activity on this? I know I sent in a story quite awhile ago and am working on another…just sorta curious if I should wait for the return or just start posting in the appropriate fan fic forum.

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    I 2 am patiently waiting for the return of Tuesday Terror Fan Fiction. In the meantime I’ll re-listen to the Tuesday Terror Fan Fiction that is already available.

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    good answer….lol

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    Tuesday Terror will return when Arioch finishes working on his current projects.

    Also, he wants to build up a bank, in order to have an extended return – so, if you are an author, or know an author, then send the stories in for consideration.
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    I agree. On the way over to the whinging thread … ;o)

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    I miss my Tuesday Terror fix…Will it ever return?

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