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The Prototype Ancestor I made for my Toddler

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    I’m pulling out the heavy artillery to get my hands on this one!!


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    These are so awesome, I would definitely join the fray of a bidding war for Baby McButter!
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    I saw this bad boy in person last night and “awesomely awesome” comes nowhere near describing how cool this thing is.

    Can’t wait until the bidding starts and we see how cutthorat we can get against each other. ;-)

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    I know I would buy one, and I don’t even have a kid!


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    All Hail the FDØ!

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    or the pattern to Dark Overlord Media to sell :)

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    Although The Boy calls it “Baby Butter.”

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    Do you call it Baby McButter?


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    You have my seal of approval. I like!

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    Since they have an anatomy that would mesh well with my level of creativity…we’ll see though, I hadn’t thought about doing Marie’s Children, but that’s a great idea!

    My kid is totally going to have an army of little Sigler monsters. It will be wonderful.

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    I’m glad you guys like it so much, you’ve totally made my day! I will definitely be making at least a few more, perhaps to be sold on Ebay. I’ll be sure to let all the junkies know when they are available.

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    Nocturnal Plushies!

    Excellent job! Odd thing to have a toddler cozy up to, but then the store bought alternative is a bear, which when you think about it is pretty odd too.

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    Outstanding! And yes, CUTE!
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    I love it!!!

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    well done!

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    One hundred crack hits to you for your dedication!


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    I don’t know if I should use foul language when it’s a toddler’s toy, but … oh, fuck it — it’s fucking awesome.

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    Awesome job.

    Well done.

    I see a market developing for these!

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    …but that is soooo CUTE! I love it!
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    haha. Nice work

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    I thought my 2 1/2 year old should have an Ancestor of his very own. It came out a little *too* cute and my toddler seems to think it should moo, but someday I hope he’ll appreciate it properly. I plan to make a few more that will hopefully be a little less bovine in their cuteness. Thought I’d share it here, though. I hope this pastes ok, I’ve also included links to my Flikr. Smile




    Closeup of one of the less-than-terrifying fangs. The “blood” didn’t show up very well, but the mouth is bloody-ish.

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