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the new ringtones are here, the new ringtones are here!!

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    -shades of there’s someting about mary

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    I could see myself getting so freaked out by hearing voices in the bathroom that I would zip up too quickly and get my tender parts nipped by my zipper <ouch>

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    until I get my new phone before I download the ringtones. Because awesome ringtones deserve to be on an awesome new phone.

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    Got fed up with trying to get one on my phone, so now when I get a call, I just shout out loud, " FEED US, WE ARE HUNGRY!"

    Getting kinda used to the looks from my boss now.

    "Just shut the fuck up and do yer job, asshole!"

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    Mine phone is so old…. how old is it?… why it’s so old that……the string keeps coming out of the paper cup!!

    I’m serious, really.

    look up techtard  and my picture is right there … to Silger’s and PG’s ( they just JOKE about it but I’m serious, really).

    I need a new avatar too, my face is so annoying…….how annoying is it?……Who said that?

    no punchline…. it is just seriously annoying. Really.

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    NOOOOOOOO, not the triangles!! 

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    Too much information… lol

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    Hey guys, any chance of just putting the files up for download??

    I’m not in the US so I can’t get them *shakes fist* hiss boo :P

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    copy the internetadress sent to you on your phone, paste it in your mac browser (Safari or Firefox)

    than save it. than using garageband it is somehow possible to make a iphone compatible ringtone,

    that can be sent to the iphone using iTunes… I don’t know if it is at all possible to open mp3’s

    with garageband but if it is, than you could export it to Itunes using the

    Share > export ringtone to iTunes option

    Don’t know the details about that last bit, but up until the saving bit worked for me,

    (I don’t own a iPhone, it’s not available here and I have no working wapbrowser on my cellphone)

     ONLY WORKS ON MACS THOUGH (but I know The Dark Overlord has a MAC so he’s cool. As for the rest of you:

    GO BUY A MAC. THEY WORK!!!!Laughing)

    All that matters is getting my fix.

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    Next assignment:  go to a movie and when i’ts quiet, let the voices speak.

    normally I don’t advocate civil demonstrations, but for Siggie?  Anything goes.

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     Hope you were in a public restroom


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    oh, come on dude, i was hoping for some of your comebacks…… (looking forward to it actually, made myself laugh with this one dude) 

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    But I won’t…   You’ve been a good boy lately…..  my recommendation, a steady diet of blondes…. 

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    first time my son called me…. thought i was hearing the voices, while in the restroom, they are usually silent while i pee, so you imagine my shock and suprise that while i was zipping up i hear "FEED US, WE ARE HUNGRY. FEED US, NOW"

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    Okay, so wait – I know nothing about this stuff. You can’t just send the text to the number that’s listed on there? Unfortunately, I’m one of those douchebags with an iPhone, and the "technical godsend" that is an iPhone won’t work with these ringtones at all, so I’m in the dark. How SHOULD it work?

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    Sigler – this is bad marketing. Tried downloading your ringtone, but found that it doesn’t work without phone internet access. Put a warning on the ringtone page! or better still use a system that doesn’t need internet access.

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     yes, i have the ring tones too. i love it!

    By the way, Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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    When I found out how much it cost for internet like $6 x 4 phone plus undisclosed hundreds if we atually used  it, I opted out for cell phone internet of course I am hoping Google buy some of the frequentcies new you and provides affordable cell phone internet for all.

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    got th feed us ringtone, and infected screen saver, pretty cool

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    Of course, you are a student…  Students are expected to be bit "off"….  try doing that in the business world….  In an HR meeting…..  yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket… 

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    Bwah ha ha!!… I forgot to turn my phone off during a very serious lecture on student well being……"Buy a copy of Scott Siglers Infected or I’ll kill the owner of this phone" loud and clear across the auditorium. Oh well if you’ve gotta go you’ve gotta go….Cool

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    I gots the feed us ringy, and the eye-ball back ground…

    *jumps up and down like a little girl*

    *err….um….stalkes like a ninja…yes….* 

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    Along with a "What’s that supposed to mean?"….   typical and yes, even expected…  BTW, Rock Band is "VERY" cool…

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     she found them amusing

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    Ringtone, but it just doesn’t seem to fit…  I still play it for people, but I don’t have it set up as a ringtone for anyone yet…

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    would put it as my oldest son’s ringtone (he’s in the army)

    i have the voices as my second son’s (the fifteen yrold) ringtone, which i think os appropriate, most of his calls revolve around food and eating Cool

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    Worked fine….  Love the ringtones… 

    "Youve got to have DISCIPLINE!  No Bout a Doubt It!

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    Locked and loaded with my ringtones and creepy triangle eyed wallpaper! w00t!

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    I like the triangle voices, but the promo is really smart advertising, people will want to know what these are.

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    I’ve got that cool dual flip phone from sansung… It’s cool, full qwerty and all that, but it’s a bear to put anything on that you don’t buy from them. I’ll have to play with it first… good thing it vibrates..

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    ok, i got the voices on my phone now

    and the triangle eye wallpaper

    what did you get??

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