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Tattoos and Siglerfest!

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    Nice tattoo. I got my symbols on my triangle. Gunna devote my whole lower leg to the siglerverse. And J.P. unfortunately, I’ve had nothing drawn up for me yet and won’t have my new ink until after Siglerfest. Hopefully I can get sketches before then, but you know damn well I’m gunna be showing off what I’ve got so far. After the OS1 im going to be getting a rocktopi at some point. And as always I will be emailing to Scott to put up on the site.

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    Looks awesome!

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    That is my first tattoo, according to Scott, he designed the protection symbol himself

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    My first tattoo and of course it had to be a Sigler tattoo

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    I’ll be at SF2K13 and look forward to seeing what folks have sent you!

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    Hey, if you are going to Siglerfest and are good at drawing, you could get your art tattooed onto me.

    What I want: newer/updated version of the OS1 Orbittig Death logo. I’m thinking I want more along the lines of biomechanical. Got nothing against the current logo, I just want different than other OS1 tattoos.

    Full tattoo idea is: torn human skin exposing Ki skin which has an OS1 Orbitting Death logo tattooed onto Ki skin.

    Contact me if you’d like to help me with this.


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