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So Im Thinking GFL Madden 2685

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    I’m a game developer and I have thought about this soooo much. Would be awesome.

    My thoughts go two ways: iPad/iPhone (and android!) something like Hero Acadamy (with less adverts…) or maybe a turn based 3D game with unity which could mean PSN, XBLA etc.

    I think turn based strategy mainly because of Scott’s writing style during the games – details, statistics: brutal physical chess. Also it would mean synchronous multi-player on 3G etc and no mashing the ‘pad and ‘phone in an attempt to ‘do’ action. Full team rosters, kits, leagues, stadiums…

    Awesome for the junkies and fun for all the straights – they’ll be addicted in no time ;)

    Now to go get enough coffee for 3 months worth of programming…

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    Head fiy

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    I wonder if the Madden curse will continue: on the cover = injured during the regular season. Gads. Team owners would be working overtime to buy a spot on the cover each year for hated opponent players.

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    game is in testing. in 1 yr it will be out

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    i bet there is a game programer that is a junky i hope the programer would make it.

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    I can only imagine how bitching video games will be then. I will give one free book to anyone who can make me immortal so I can see.

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    If you prefer Xbox over Ps3 you’ll be playing GFL Madden 2685 on Xbox60480??!

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    Ps360 is make in 2655 ??!

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    Id play it… Be interesting to adjust to the three dementional game.

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    or even if it someone could do a mod for a previous football video game.
    Until that happens, closest you can get is Mutant League Football or maybe Blood Bowl.

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    I would think it would be a fuck yeah if there was some sort of images or game play footage of said GFL Madden though the idea is potentially fuck yeah worthy

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    Rocking Quentin Barnes on the Xbox Or PS3? Tell me this isn’t a F**K Yea posting.

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