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    Far from complete, but still invaluable nonetheless.

    My only complaint is that you have to search with precise terminology. There have been cases where the information I needed was there, but I had to try a few different search terms before I found it.


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Are you kidding me with this shit? You have a list of articles that need expanding, just in case people wanna dive in? That’s it, we’re applying the “franchise” tag. And all y’all the rest of ya, have fun and add stuff. It’s really a good time.

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It’ll stop me getting grief for creating threads! I can do that instead. Hmmmm….
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Yes, please! Anyone needing ideas as to what in the Siglerpedia needs working on, there is a wonderful one stop shop of ‘Articles Needing Expansion’. Click on this link and it will take to the listing of the articles in the wiki that have placeholders but need more details.

As always, if you need assistance or would like to talk offline about the wiki, you can reach me at
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of the little details when we are talking in these threads…

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Been doing random articles and enjoying the results. Also racking my cranium for more ideas to add. After the one article I added I’m hooked.
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now that the age old question of “WHAT FUCKING NUMBER DID DAWSEY WEAR?!??!?!” has been answered.

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…and I recommend all you junkies give it whirl — both for use and for adding information. If you run into any trouble let me know and I’d be glad to help!Laughing
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meandering around the Siglerpedia!! It’s the shiz-nit!!!

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So Junkies – have you ever used the Siglerpedia (wiki) ?

Do you know what it is? Undecided

If you have used it – what do you think of it?

Did you ever seach it and couldn’t find an answer?

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