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Sigler App for Android…?

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    but my HTC gives me freedom and choice…… I’d quite like both!


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    I’ll stick with my iTouch, thank you. One cost all up front. None of this bleed you over time crap.


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I must admit that I adore my iTouch however. I’m not an uber Apple fanboy (ie buy everything w/o criticism [time capsules are an absolute waste of $$$], but I tend to like their stuff.


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    I downloaded the Sigler app to my missus’s i-phone as I saw it was GUUUUUUUUD!, Possible reason why there isn’t an android app is because Android is more licenced?, Apple is everywhere (not to quote Kilroy2.0)

    Discuss :)

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    Do not forget that the Siglerism iPhone app was developed by Doug Russel, both because he is Fucking Awesome™ and (hopefully) because it will bring him some programmin’ business. Unless someone steps up and volunteers to do the same for Android, you won’t be seeing that app any time soon.

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    free your data and swap it for an android!


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    Buy an I-phoneLaughing

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    Just curious… As an avid Android user… When do we get the sweet blessing of evil torment that is the Sigler App? I’d by an iPhone, just to have the app… But I need to save my pennies and soda cans for the next pre-order….

    … Or is there an Android App already, and I’m just as dumb as a chihuahua humping a landmine?

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