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SFX Magazine

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    That’s the heat right there! I might have to check SFX out!

    – “I don’t have time for a grudge match with every poser in a parka.” -Dr. Horrible

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    For those that missed it, it wasn’t "just" an interview, it was a two page spread with a full page photo of "The Radiohead of the horror world" himself…

    Can’t seem to post the image itself here (the <img> tags don’t seem to work), but here’s a photo of the magazine spread…

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    Our FDO has now officially made it across the pond.

    This months, that’s the August edition, #178 of SFX (the best SciFi, fantasy etc mag in the know universe), published in the UK I may add, has an interview with The Great One himself. Damn good it is as well, nice to see Scott finally getting the recognition he deserves.

    They even go to the extent of reviewing "Infected" and give it 4/5. I hope this means they will be spared when our FDO takes control.

    Nice one Scott, we are humbled by your presence O Great One’


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