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Pressing the FDO

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    Of course I was the only one there that had to pay $5 for the privilge. It was a bet you see and it was definitely the best money I ever spent. Of course, now we have to come up with something better to top it.

    One shot one kill? Please, I don’t have that kind of time.

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    Set in the Rookie universe and co-written with Matt Wallace tis brootal!!

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    where’s the link? gimme gimme gimme!!!

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    But can’t remember where.


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    cause I’ve had the latter done and no…it’s not cool.

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    Should have known that Scott was a former college wrestler. Only someone who has done that can have such a wonderfully warped humor! I wait for the day that he has a short mouthy character who is a wrestler! I am sure that he could come up with a great story.


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    It was fun it was great! I loved the chance to overhead press the FDO! It was a lot of fun getting to meet Scott. I now have another reason to enjoy his works!

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