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Prequel/Short Story/Backstory

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    Hey FDO and Junkies who are good at writing,

    Anyone put any thought into some short stories to give some backstory to various characters?

  • Bryan Clauser – maybe from when he first became a cop and more detail on his saving 3 other cops lives?
  • Dew Phillips – Some other “favors” Dew has done for Murray Longworth?
  • First Born – He’s been alive for 200+ years right? Gotta be some great backstory there.
  • I mean there are in my opinion at least a couple, and in most books more like at least a half dozen characters that could have awesome backstories.

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The problem with doing backstory for Bryan or First Born is that Nocturnal is being released with many changes so possible that occured in the Original Podcast of Nocturnal may not even happen, or he might be putting backstory together that could completely change the development of each character

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True, but I’m not saying just the Nocturnal story. I’m also talking about EarthCore, Infected/Contagious, and Ancestor.

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That would be cool, like a back story of O’Doyle killing some head of state in some third world country

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I think there should be a Short Story named: Death Drives a BV 206. Just sounds awesome

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There should be a Short/Back/Forward story about Gunther’s books (Hot Midnight and what not) and how they went from being manuscripts on Black Manitou to becoming a severely misunderstood human author of the twenty-first century (a view held by that of certain Quyth player of the Ionath Krakens)

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Maybe he could write one about a zombie out on black manatu island that Clayton detwieler and Bruce cambel or some other famous actor were stuck in the middle of, and maybe that partially has to do with why the town on the island tanked.

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