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    Definitely pulled a muscle there.  You need a bell put on your posts to keep the unwary from reading them without prior warning.

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    to drink soda around me!!!!!!!

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    In fact, authors and podcasters always contact me for permission when they are NOT going to name a ship "Sigler." So in this case, Nathan was right on target.

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    had just taken a sip of soda when i read that, had clean off the screen and keyboard

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    Yeah, I’m sure he pondered long and hard over that one.  

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    that nathan asked sigler and Scott being the meek, shy person he is, probably thought long and hard before he said OK.

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    But as for me and from what I’ve heard, you definately should.  Theoretically, the FDO couldn’t use our names in his novels without us creating accounts on this forum and that being our tacit approval of him using our names. 

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    Hey there.

    Just a quick question: In Nathan Lowell’s Solar Clipper series I distinctly remember him naming one ship the ‘Sigler.’

    This kinda caught me off-guard, and I was wondering if he had asked you permission to do so.  If not, should he have?

    I’m thinking of doing something similar in an upcoming podcast novel, but I’m wondering if I should ask permission from the people before I include their names in the story.

    Just curious.

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