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"Passenger" was my first! 0:)

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    If I had not seen Scotts name over at Audible I would never have found out about Podcast myself. I actually purchased Infected and came over to the site to see what else he had and found all the free stuff! I think the first Podcast I listened to here was Earthcore and Ive been coming back for more ever since!

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    or paying to rent. (there was only a scant selection at the library). Scott opened up a while new world of new authors and audio story styles. Before that, I thought only “famous” authors had books on tape. :)

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    …… you mean you’ve been purchasing audiobooks forever and just recently discovered podiobooks?


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I only JUST got into podcasting but I’m a long time Audiobook Junkie. that being said Nathan Lowell’s Quartershare, my first podcast, is still one of my faves.

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That’s really neat! I had a similar experience with a book I had read as a child. I read it again as an adult and ran across parts I remembered vividly…I had totally forgotten I read it before!

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Hey –

I just caught up on listening to Passenger and I realized half way through the first part that this story was the very first podcast I EVER listened to (way back when)! It’s the one that got me hooked both on podio books in general and Sigler in particular.

Strange… I’d actually forgotten there was a time that I wasn’t a Junkie! Cool

Just sayin’ a very belated THANKS FDO! for opening my eyes to this great new world.


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