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Original story is better than book version.

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    Is nocturnal avaialbe as an audiowbook/podcast???

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    I love Nocturnal, book and original podcast.

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    @AdrianaCo: Andy Rooney wasn’t even a fan of Andy Rooney. That’s a good link, though.

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    Yeah! I completely agree that book version is way much better. The conventional book was a technological marvel upon its debut. The eBook has proven to be much the same. But do not throw out paper in support of flash ROM just yet. There are still reasons why books are superior to eBooks. Read more here..

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    @Eoddog69: All I can say is the gangster sub-plot will be back in the sequel, if I ever write it. Ain’t letting that sucker go to waste.

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    oooo, as i’ve said to the fdo more than once, there was a certain raw energy to the first book which as far as the story goes i believe is the current jewel in the crown that i thought was missing in the rewrite, yet upon the second reading of the new there is a lot more depth, the first version will always have a place in my heart but a second read of the book reveals more

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    Let me start off by saying I love everything our FDO puts out but I do have to say that the original audio version of Nocturnal was WAY BETTER! I miss the whole gangster wars back story.

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