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Ordered mine!

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    Now the waiting begins… I hate waiting.

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    It’s time for the tanks

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    Five times.

    Stupid confirmations wouldn’t come through. Had to cancel the four extra orders…


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    Got my copy ordered.

    Now the long wait until September awaits us all

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    I slept in late, ate a nice breakfast and orderd..I don’t care as much about the numbers as getting all juicy goodness of the Story! I lie..I intended to order earlier but fell asleep and then stayed asleep. But I did order the 3 pc. Combo…the Books!

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    …but I don’t think that I’m going to end up doing too bad in the low number department when I get that hardcover goodness in my hands.

    Copy #38 of The Rookie, copy #126 of The Starter, copy #(please not 3001) of The All-Pro

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    I hope you get a very very low number. I’m just glad I got in quickly. WTG BackMyBook!
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    My confirmation email was 12:02. I got the three pack and there were only 248 copies of The Rookie left. I’m gonna keep checking to see how long it takes to sell out all the copies of the Rookie and the Starter.

    All hail the FDO!

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    Fri, Apr 1, 2011 at 8:59 AM


    Your purchase of THE ALL-PRO (Hardcover, 1st Ed, Signed)


    This email confirms your purchase ofTHE ALL-PRO (Hardcover, 1st Ed, Signed)


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    Was camped out on the BackMyBooks Page… clicking refresh every 3 seconds. Got into the site about 1-3 seconds after it became active and had my order in within 15-20 seconds. My order reciept email only says 12:00 for the email time… not sure how many seconds past noon that it was actually processed…

    I’m so friggin excited… and now the bad part: the adrenaline crash and shakes….

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    Ordered!!! Friom my laptop using my iPhone as a hotspot while stuck in traffic on Interstate 65 in the middle of Louisville, KY!

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