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Narkie Narkerson

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    It’s a conversation between two characters. So the one using the name is talking to the person he refers to as “Mister Narkie Narkerson.”

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    The more you read Scott’s work the more you’ll run into his love for the multiple designations he gives his characters. Many nicknames are used for characters and are usually the result of one character giving another the nickname. In this case however, you’ve run across Scott’s penchant for weaving sarcasm into some of his characters. There is no charcter named Narkie Narkerson…it’s merely a play on the word narc. Hope this helps.
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    but then i’d be a nark

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    “Yeah. I’ve been smoking marijuana, Mister Narkie Narkerson. Why, you want some?”

    This extract is from page 128. Could somebody tell me who is Narkie Narkerson?

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