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Michael Kimberlin Jersey Number?

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    I want to get a jersey with my favorite character (Michael Kimberlin), but I found that the Siglerpedia does not have his jersey number. Does anyone know if the MVP has Kimberlin’s jersey number? As much as I want Kimberlin on my jersey, my mild OCD demands that I get the right jersey number. :) If Kimberlin’s jersey number hasn’t been mentioned in the books yet, I’ll probably go with Barnes.

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    I don’t believe his number has ever been mentioned, to be honest. Many haven’t.

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    Kimberlin is #71. Enjoy!

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    Thanks a bunch! :D Looking forward to The Champion! Pandemic was awesome.

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    Hell, yeah! I want a picture of that bad boy once you get it!

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    I’m glad someone posted this because that’s the exact same question I had. Now I just have to figure out if I want the Home or Away Jersey

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