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iowa typhoon

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    havent been a junkie that long im sad to admit. anyway, i blew through all of what i could find, and 1 of the most odd and intriguing stories ifound was iowa typhoon….i have gone back multiple times and listened to it…i know its a short story but i would absolutely love to see a follow-up or something to iowa typhhon….anyone else think that? or is it just me

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    I’ve thought about it a little and not sure how to keep the same tone for a second story. However, I can see the characters trying to find out what’s actually going on (the old “yeah, but this guy has a metal plate in his head so it doesn’t affect him the same” approach). Probably a long way down the road, though — ARealGirl and I got writin’ plans for the next 2-3 years.

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    … and seems out of kilter with the rest. Then again, an author has to flex his muscles and lift some different weights!

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    Yeah, but at the same time I LOVED the story and thought it was a brilliant twist and as well written and engaging as all the other stories.

    Sometimes a bad guy is the only good guy you get.

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    I only have one more short story in Blood … I love them all so far!! I thought this one had a unique twist.

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