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I still cannot believe……

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    Only in the Siglerverse would you see someone <like me> go “Ohh man, I wish *I* could get horribly slaughtered by the FDO.” <see? see my screen-name?> YOU HEAR THAT SIGLER!?!? <fingers crossed for either a GFL book or Nocturnal book…> But Gratz deathspiral – we’re all jealous…

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    It sure feels great to get that MC, don’t it? Being semi-famous is just one of the perks of Siglerism.

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    Believe it. Major player!

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    That I am going to be in Ancestor! As a major character no less. What an incredible honor from my favorite author! I am so blown away by that. Thanks FDO! I hoist a Junkie Juice in a toast to you!

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