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I-Phone Sigler App

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    and utter awesomeness! :)

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    The FDO is on the case so pretty sure problem will get fixed asap or he will slaughter all those who stand against him and his ravenous junkie army… yup yup

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    Mine is updating, but I think I have the latest which hasn’t made it through the iTunes submission process. I’m checking with Doug Russel, the programmer, to see if there’s anything we can do. He’s got a new gig and can’t work on the app, but the app is completely gone from iTunes and I’m trying to find out if we can fix that.

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    The most recent info I’m getting is 6 week old tweets, & STARTER #12 in the audiobooks column.


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    hmmm checked mine and it is not updating either…

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    I just checked mine and yes it doesn’t seem to be updating.

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    Hi, is anyone else having issues with the I-Phone App? It was working fine a few weeks ago and now nothing is loading at all!

    Cheers! :)

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