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I apparently died?

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    I was blown apart in the Crypt dieing in perhaps the most gruesome manner so far in this story. It was glorious.

    I’m still waiting for my “MC” medal to wear on my username.

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    its been a while since I listened to the crypt so can’t help. but the episodes were fun.



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    At least you know where you appear. I’m still waiting for the unveiling…


    I only know everything if you ask the right questions.

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    Something similar as well, Just logged on in the fist time in forever, says i’m in one of the crypt episodes, hope i’m not mistaken, I really need to catch up. Think i’ll be spending my AP exam study time doing that instead. :D

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    emphasize YET!!! knowing you his death will be very gruesome….


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    "SHIT adds up at the bottom!" ~ JMK

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    Knowing must be worse…but at least you can plot out your remaining days.


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    You are a future character. You’re not dead … yet.

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    So I havent logged on in a longgggg time due to personal issues. I recently logged on to the message that i (alex langley) died in an episode of the crypt, but i dont know which one or where to find it. Help anyone?

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