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Help me find me

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    Hi All,

    Just finished reading nocturnal, epic book going to read it again. However can anyone find where Stepheb Wood appears? I couldn’t spot it on the first read. Anyone’s help would be appreciated :)

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    Ah, dude! Sorry about that, but I had to change the name. I had a “Stephen Wood” and an “Oscar Woody.” Too confusing. So Stephen Wood was in the original podcast, but didn’t make it to the hardcover.

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    No worries not a problem thanks for letting me know so I can stop looking and driving myself nuts thinking I’ve missed it. Just one thing I wasn’t in the original podcast either I became a junky after you had released it. Unless you changed it after and before you pulled it from iTunes during the re-write?

    In any respect its totally cool, I guess I’ll just have to change my name to Stuart Hood :)

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