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    I think that what we consider to be “tall” as a culture has shifted. 6’0″ used to be considered tall, but now it’s more those that are 6’5″ and up are considered to be “tall”.

    TL;DR 6’5″ is the new 6’0″

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    but mostly cuz of this.

    Just sayin’…

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    I have used this website on a couple of occasions. Very clever.

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    I am “tall” but I’ve always felt short because My dad is 4 inches taller than me. I think it’s all relative. “Average” for guys is 5′ 7″, apparently.

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    here, let me rephrase it. What is considered tall, average short, ect.?

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    But mostly because I think this is what I would call a not-so-well-formed question.


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    I never got the whole hight situation, some say being 6 ft. 2in. is being tall, and some say that’s only the begining for teens now because like many my age, being only 16, our projected heights are 6′ 5”, 6′ 6”, heck, even 6′ 7”. Anyone else confused? (i.e. what is considered tall, average, and short in terms of height?)

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