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Gross, bloody way to kill off a lucky winning Junkie!

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    Cuz I think DC rock FDO’s socks off!

    "Get off… the nuclear… warhead."

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     if dallas wins ill be the man then you and that boy of yours will be so so so dead aswell!!   cant wait

    hell if it taste like chicken,bring me chicken!

                                                        rodney carigton

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    Red your Redhot! I wish I was in consideration for just one! :)

    "Get off… the nuclear… warhead."

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    thats what i could hope for. soon to be a three story (MC) who is your daddy? biatches!!

    hell if it taste like chicken,bring me chicken!

                                                        rodney carigton

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    i saw this on one of those discovery shows dude walks past a jet and poof sucked through shot out the other side minor scrapes and bruses with a brown stain down his pants i think they eveniterveiwed him later if i were a bit better with this comp stuff i would post the video

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    to be molested by Baby McButter then eaten

    The Platypus is a Semi-Aquatic Mammal

    The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’  

    - Ronald Reagan

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    …listening to Contagious with the volume cranked up on his mp3 player of choice, doesn’t hear the yells of "Watch out for those intakes!" 

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     it’s a quality thought!!!  Given what the FDO can do with such a regular kitchen item as chicken scissors, my curiosity is peaked by what he could do with a jet engine :) :)  


    I suggest that further discussion should revolve around what the FDO could make go horribly wrong with the already horribly wrong situation…


    Starting point:  "That guy" walks in front of the jet intake engine and…


    1.) while he’d been cutting it a bit close, he thought he was safe… Until his hangover addled wits proved him horribly wrong!  Even while he was struggling to keep his balance in the midst of a wicked oil slick, he felt the inexorable drag of the jet engine dragging him to his bloody mangled end.


    2.)  thought "Seriously… what the Hell do people pack in their designer luggage?  Why the Hell would a 2 foot by 3 foot suitcase weigh that damn much?  It’s like there’s a dismembered body in there or something."  Rather than following protocol and asking for help carrying the stupid heavy bag, he cut corners.  He grabbed the bag by it’s handle, threw his whole body into the throw, saw it land with a perfectly on the plane with a satisfying thump, and staggered back from the momentum…. right into the suction of the razor sharp blades of the engine.


    3.)  gets flat out shoved into the suction of the engine for no other reason than that they dared to consider they could come up with a more gruesome ending than the FDO could.









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    tends to get a little hard nosed when it comes to getting something he needs or wants.

    "Get off… the nuclear… warhead."

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     In the Lost scene it’s a horrible accident…air travel that’s meant to be benign going tragically wrong.  In the case of Firefly, Capt Mal uses it as a method of negotiation which is just all manner of wrong.

    But either way, I think we can agree it’s a pretty messy way to go.


    Ah, curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! ~ Hoban "Wash" Washbourne –

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    Lost season 1 promo. It happens at about 10 seconds 

    "Get off… the nuclear… warhead"

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    This scene from Firefly shows what that would look like…happens around :43 seconds into the video.


    Ah, curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! ~ Hoban "Wash" Washbourne – Firefly

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    There was an incident of a carrier crewman sucked into a jet engine – But lived with very minor injuries. I think every Sailor in the navy is required to watch that video.

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    have seen that it would be Gman and twowire!!!! Smile

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     Incredible it was! Man I had thought seeing that video before that he was a goner!

    "Get off… the nuclear… warhead."

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    In my world everyone is a pony, and they all eat rainbows, and poop butterflies.

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    get sucked in, but he lived!

    "Get off… the nuclear… warhead."

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    A friend of mine told me about how a guy on an aircraft carrier wasn’t paying attention and got too close to a jet engine intake and… His entire body got sucked through the running jet engine! Now, is that gross, or what? 

     I think that lucky junkie in the winning city should get a special mention on the website. What a mess to clean up too!

    Do I get something for being weird enough to post this idea?


    "Defeat HELL! I’m advancing to the rear." — Gen. George Patton 

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