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Great new episode Mr Sigler….. NOT!!!!

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    Just as long as i get my fix. :D
    Yes, I am an agent of satan but my duties are largely ceremonial.

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    Its all because of the GREAT SIGLER COFFEE CRASH of 07″ ™

    I used to be a lot like you….Now i’m only ME!

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    Sunday is when I say it is. I’m thinking of re-naming it, anyway, like the Roman emperors of old. Sunday is now Scottday. And it shall last an undefined period of time, anywhere from 24 hours to 48 hours, depending on the whim of Scott and/or bonafide priests of Siglerism.

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    HAHA why would you expect em to be on time? Scott should just stop promising and say I might have it out on sunday! I notice that episode 4 was 25 minutes too? I thought they used to be like 35 to 40 mins or so in his previous books. Is nocturnal shorter or is Sigler just talking more before and after the episodes?

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    perhaps the sigmeister (DAMN HIM) is on what we call indian time. it’s on time when it gets done.
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    Sigler will declare the day the episode is released to be a Sunday, there fore it will be on time.

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    Frack, why don’t you just poke a grizzly bear with a stick.

    Didn’t your mother ever teach you NOT to antagonize your pusher when he or she (in this case definitely a manly type ‘he’) has your only supply of drug in question.

    If you piss Sigler off and he turns his crack dealin back on all of us as punishment, I’m coming after you with chicken scissors and a bottle of vinegar.

    Tastes Like Chicken

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    “his needle of words”…….

    hmmmmm i love that ;)
    Yes, I am an agent of satan but my duties are largely ceremonial.

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    Every new episode that he manages to bring out on time. :D

    I NEED MY FIX…..

    Yes, I am an agent of satan but my duties are largely ceremonial.

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    ….four quality episodes.


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    Didn’t i recall a promise from the first episode that THIS time all episodes would be released on time??????

    You enjoy it seein’ us having withdrawl symptons Don’t ya!
    Where the 5th episode mr sigler?

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