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EarthCore 2

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    You beat me to it…

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    …in the first EarthCore, is there any relation to the Jessup’s in your other novel/novels?
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    you have probably already said it in a podcast, but when do you think you will be releasing Earthcore2? will it be a podcast only novel and make its way to print, or will it be a print only book?

    I just listened to your teaser of Earthcore 2, and I have to tell you, im already hooked. I like the way you have the Brainy Dr Angus Cool, who was left naked in a tunnel, now hanging out of a ‘copter shooting at the good guys. amazing stuff, and a really nice twist, Dr Cool, struck me as someone who never lets go of a grudge, and this proves it.

    Thanks Scott,
    Jason, “DeVoiD”.

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