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    Columbo solved his cases using interrogation though irritation. I bet the FDO is a great supporter of irritating behaviour.

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    He seems like a Junkie kind of detective, strange and quirky.
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    with Magnum

    • These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT
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     Jim Rockford FTW…even Barnaby Freaking Jones Kicks Columbo’s sorry ass.

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    "The second sound was a scream"

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     "What do you mean there’s nothing i can do, you mean im hooked on Scott Sigler’s podcast novels… im… a junkie…"- me

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    You can tell I think a different detective is better. But, then Scott is still afraid of killing me anyway, so there you go. Just remember, I am shortly headed to CA Scott. This time San Diego, but I could always swing north….

    Oh, and this is part of my tour – the company is paying my airfare, the conference is asking me to speak. You can’t take over the world until you get rid of me. Dallas later and Kansas City after that.

    Hey, just looked at your schedule, and you will get to San Diego AFTER me. Means I can set something up to wait for you to arrive. Watch your back Sigler, Maybe I am gunning for you.

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    I’m afraid it’s just that simple. Either agree that Columbo is the greatest detective of all time, or you die. Sherlock Holmes is a big fat pussy, Columbo would crush him in a cage match. Murder She Wrote? How about Columbo He Banged (Murder She Wrote). Yeah, that’s more like it. All your other detectives are crap, Columbo is the best.

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    Columbo always wore a trenchcoat, do we ever see what’s UNDER it?
    does’t that paint a creepy picture in your mind?

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    is a good thing, right??
    Murder at Avedon Hill –
    (You don’t want to disappoint the voices)

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    so i’ve worked my way through infection and am working my way through nocturnal, but i was wondering if Scott has a weird obsession with Columbo? i mean he comes up in a few books and there are plenty other detective shows to choose from, so is Sigler obsessed?

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