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Best FDO Story

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    The original Nocturnal and Earthcore are neck and neck. Wonder how Mommie and Kayla Meyers would get along. Mwaaahahahahaha

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    The original Nocturnal. Without a doubt. I can’t wait to find out how the rewrite stands up to it. :)

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    I have a particular fondness for The Crypt and Earthcore. Also Nocturnal. I really liked the idea behind Redman and Chuckles Malrooney (was it Malrooney?), and of course the epic that is Tentacles Tentacles Tentacles was fantastic. This is really tough, the more I think about the harder it is to decide. I’ll have to run with The Crypt for now.

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    I really enjoy all the Sigler stories, but Nocturnal is still my Fav.

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