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Berrick Barnes a possible distant ancestor of Quentin?

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    it’s a dirivative, because of the alien races. and from what we have seen you have to be a special human to compete with the alien races. when you move up the the top tiers there are not as many humans, and especially Purist Nation Humans. Quentin had to get over his prejudice just to play. 



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    My dad used to play rugby back in the day, from the stories I’ve heard i am betting the "contact" of rugby is closer to GFL style football.  Besides rugby makes no pretense at being football, not like that name stealing sclorno dominated british dealie.

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    Quentin plays REAL football. You know, American Football…

    To Thy Legion Cry, Thou Shall Arise, Of Flames and Thunder, To Claim Thy Prize!


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    Could Australian rugby player Berrick Barnes be a distant ancestor of Quentin Barnes?

    He plays fly-half, a position with responsibilities similar to a quarterback in American football.

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