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Are you related to a teacher?

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    And you wonder why the world is the way it is? There are not enough Mrs. Siglers out there. Hail to the Mother of our Great Leader. and Thank you for shaping his imagination.

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    From the last post, was your mom an English teacher perhaps?..

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    Yeah, that’s my mom. I’d like to say she was a Teacher of Doom and led many, many children down the dark path, btu that would be a lie. I’m the only one that turned out this way …

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    If I remember correctly Scott’s mom was a teacher.

      UPDATE: Confirmed from the Toledo Blade article.


    “My mom, being a teacher, offered me whatever book I wanted. She would get it for me,” Sigler said. “I was able to pick things up faster and learn quicker.”  


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    That is a scary thought, having Sigler in front of children all day. Especially young children, misshaping errr I mean shaping young minds. sending them home screaming and crying for their mommies. How delightful err I mean distressing. Distressing that he didn’t podcast it so that we all may have enjoyed it.

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    I thought so too because Scott make all those mistakes intentionally to see if anyone is paying attention like in the call in episode when he said Clone Line instead of Gore Line. My math teachers used to do that.

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    Unless of course… Your embarassed.

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    scary thought…………
    very scary…….. think about it, a Mrs. Sigler not only producing our sigmeister, but INFECTING all those innocence out there………….

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    Hey Sigler. Are you by chance related to an elementary school teacher? I’m from your home town, and I had a Mrs. Sigler in elementary school. Any relation?

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