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Anyone still have the podcasts?

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    Hey all,

    I have a friend who is not schooled in the ways of gridiron. However, he has been playing the minis game Dreadball with me recently, which makes me think that he’d enjoy stories of intergalactic on-field violence.

    I no longer have the podcasts for The Starter. He does not have an Aubible account, nor can I see a way to buy the audiobook w/o having to use their service.

    Does anyone have the original podcasts of The Starter, including the excellent football primer?


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    Do you mean The Rookie or The Starter? The Starter is on PodioBooks – does that include the football primer?

    I’ve got The Rookie Recast Podcast episodes (where Scott does the Tailgate Tour), but only a purchased AudioBook of The Starter.

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    Sorry, I totally meant The Rookie. (I just finished The Starter, which is why it was on my brain).

    If you have The Rookie, PM me! Thanks :-)

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    PM sent.

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