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Ancestor Anime?

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    I agree there usually isn’t much in the way of content in horror nowadays. But you might enjoy the movie severance not too much story but its the first movie to scare me in a while. If you don’t feal like you’ve seen a good one in a while its worth a look.

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    movie would be fabulous
    let us know soonest
    hope it focuses on the story and suspence and not the gore and violence (those are cool and an integral part of story, but not THE story in and of its self)
    my biggest problem with what passes as horror is there is no real story, just blood and gore and violence. much like the movies on scifi channel, bad story line and bad FX
    if it gets done, the story needs to be the focus and the violence and gore used in the story as appropriate, too many horror stories have been butchered by movie makers feeling the need to put splatter before script………………

    btw, i love your work, you sick bastard, i would love to turn a select few of my students over to your “monsters”…………………heehee

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    If it was done similar like Spawn series for HBO, or *PLEASE DONT KILL ME*, Futurama. Both were done on the low-tech end except when the BAD /GORE/VIOLENCE started. Then the quality, computer animation, and hand drawn work went insane!!

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    I hope by “dont like the sound of that” you meant “Gee golly willickers when can I get my mits onto the Ancestor the Movie DVD!!!” right?

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    dont like the sound of that either

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    An ANCESTOR animee would be the shit, but we’re working on getting that bad boy optioned for a real-human movie.

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    might be kinda awsome any thoughts?

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