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a lot of shipping ?

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    Trying to Preorder MVP and buy some of the effin nice shirts at the same time. But when i go to checkout, there is a shipping fee for $10.95 pr shirt and Hardcover book. On top of that there is no total sum.
    So; I haven’t ordered anything since I much prefer to know what I’m beeing billed.
    Can you please fix ?

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    Hang in there! If it looks like something’s wrong with the interface and how it’s displaying your purchase, send a note to and describe the glitch. Or you can post it in the forum for addressing the new website issues. You might get a quicker response from the awesome folks who can fix it, and have your cool stuff in hand sooner. (And it is some awesome stuff!)

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    Yikes, I certainly wouldn’t do that either lol. I suggesting emailing or posting on the new website thread with this and I am sure someone will get you squared away quickly. and they will look into it for you.

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