2016’s Most Expensive Movies

StorySmack Episode #9

2016's Most Expensive Flick

Yes, 2016 saw some serious coinage being tossed about Hollywood in a festive manner. But which of those obscenely bloated budgets was the biggest and girthiest? And did those huge expenditures result in equally huge profits? Your FDØ and ARealGirl get into the numbers game on this week’s StorySmack.


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PANDEMIC Episode #23

Murray Longworth is in the White House’s situation room with the people who are in charge of responding to the infection, the people who will decide the fate of the United States, and the world. It’s DEFCON time. Meanwhile, Cooper Mitchell is still in the boiler room, dealing with the of what is happening to his friend Jeff Brockman. And, Margaret Montoya drops a bombshell on Clarence Otto. With this news, their lives will never be the same. .


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RESIDENT EVIL is worth one beeelion dollars.

StorySmack Episode #8

Residen Evil movie franchise

This week Scott and A discuss the Resident Evil franchise. We talk about all five movies current available for at-home viewing, and our experience marathoning them this month.  It’s been a wild ride, and we’re excited to go see Resident Evil: The Final Chapter this weekend!

Even if you’re not into these games or these movies, the success of these films can’t be ignored. And, honestly, they’re better than you might think at first.



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Book III in the INFECTED Trilogy

PANDEMIC Episode #22

Cooper Mitchell and Jeff Brockman partied hard to celebrate a job well done. Now, Cooper wakes up to find that things are breaking down, that the city of Chicago has become a most unwelcome place. Their former boss, Steve Stanton, has become something new. He is also in Chicago, but will soon find himself embracing the Chicago carnage in a way very different from that of Cooper.


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Hollywood lessons learned from 2016 box office

StorySmack Episode #7

2016 Lessons Learned StorySmack

Yes, 2016 generated an all-time high in box office revenue, but when you adjust for inflation how successful was it, really? Is Hollywood heading for major crash, a-la the music business of the 90s and the publishing biz of the oughts?


We cover that in this episode, as well as:

  • What were the Top-10 highest-grossing films of 2016?
  • The influence of Chinese investors and the Chinese government on Hollywood.
  • What year set the record for attendance, not for revenue?
  • Why it’s better to root for the Dark Side.
  • The evil that is Herbie the Love Bug.


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PANDEMIC Episode #21

The United States government is distributing an innoculant to protect people against the coming infection, but are people willing to take it? Will they believe, and will they believe in time to make a difference? Margaret Montoya’s transformation reaches a critical phase, and in the Situation Room of the White House, Murray Longworth is a […]

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Friday the 13th (the original!)

StorySmack Episode #6

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It’s Friday the 13th, so what else would we cover but FRIDAY THE 13th? The original, people, not a remake, not a reboot, not a sequel, but the carnage-fest that started a billion-dollar franchise. A first-generation slasher film that created many copies, this horror classic is slathered with the blood of horror movie history.


Oh, you want cheese? We’ve got your Velveta-drenched nacho treat right here with the original FRIDAY THE 13th theatrical trailer:

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PANDEMIC Episode #20

Dr. Tim Feely discovered that he could pinpoint infection outbreaks by looking for statistical spikes in the consumption of cough drops and other medications that treated the pathogen’s symptoms. While that worked in the small population of the Operation Wolf’s Head task force, he’s waiting to see how his model works with the population of the United States. SEAL team commander Paulius Klimas was force to name one of his own as a subject of an inoculation experiment, and will soon learn of the results of that experiment. And, In Chicago, Steve Stanton, Cooper Mitchell and Jeff Brockman partied till the wee hours of the morning, celebrating a job well done. They will awake to a world that has already begun to change.


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Galaxy Quest!

StorySmack Episode #5

Galaxy Quest

If you haven’t seen Galaxy Quest in all this time since 1999, let’s just say you’re missing out. Or, more correctly, if you’re a fan of this ‘cast, or scifi, or nerdom and you haven’t seen Galaxy Quest … you’re totally missing out. Just trust us, see it.


• 20 Things You Might Not Know About Galaxy Quest

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PANDEMIC Episode #19

The Mary Ellen Moffet has reached Chicago, and brought with it a cargo of pending death. Back on Lake Michigan, Margaret Montoya is also caught up in a swirl of doom that threatens to drag her into hell. Her hallucinations of Perry Daswey are nightmares growing in urgency and intensity. Murray Longworth has become the President’s go-to man for this crisis — will proximity to the leader of the free world be enough for him to change the course of history? And Tim Feely might be the last person on the planet who can stop this carnage from happening.


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Happy New Year!

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FOUR ROOMS & New Year’s Eve!

StorySmack Episode #4

Four Rooms StorySmack

Happy New Year from the Future Dark Øverlord and the Director of Døøm! And, yes, the Dog of Døøm as well. To celebrate the incoming wonders that 2017 brings, we review the quirky New Year’s Eve anthology comedy known as FOUR ROOMS. Join us for a discussion of Tim Roth‘s masterful physical performance that ties together a shit-show of short films by Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Allison Anders and Alexandre Rockwell.


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PANDEMIC Episode #18

The Mary Ellen Moffet collected the piece of the Orbital, and in doing so, her crew was infected. Cooper, Jeff, Jose, Bo Pan and Steve Stanton have all been exposed, and now are about to disembark in Chicago. Bo Pan is expecting Steve stanton to deliver his data to the Chinese government, but Steve is terrified of what will happen to him after he does.


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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and (tomorrow) Joyous Kwanzaa!

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The DIE HARD Christmas Special

StorySmack Episode #3

StorySmack Diehard
In this episode, we get into the muck of one of the world’s greatest, most enduring philosophical questions: is DIE HARD a Christmas movie?


We also cover a shit-ton of tidbits, trivia and facts about this enduring classic, including:

  • Who was supposed to play John Mclane?
  • Is this a sequel to a Sinatra flick?
  • The book (yes, book this movie is based on).
  • Which member of this cast served hard time?
  • Which famous lion tamers were cast as bad guys?
  • Does anyone in this flick actually sprechen Deutsch?


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PANDEMIC Episode #17

Margaret is having vivid dreams bordering on hallucinations about one Scary Perry Dawsey. He’s talking to her in these dreams, but what is he trying to communicate to her? Bo Pan, the Chinese agent directing Steve Stanton, is still on the Mary Ellen Moffet as it steams toward Chicago. And way back in Book II, CONTAGIOUS, Maragret and Clarence Otto had a run-in with Dr. Cheng that turned into a power struggle. Margaret won that battle, but who will win this time?


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NEW HOPE & FORCE AWAKENS the same flick?

StorySmack Episode #2



We’re off to see ROGUE ONE, and to celebrate, let’s talk Star Wars Smack! Many, many nerds have waxed endlessly how Episode IV: A New Hope (the original 1976 Star Wars flick), and Episode VI, The Force Awakens, are the exact same movie. Professor Sigler and the learned Doctor Kovacs delve deep into this comparison to give you a StorySmack diagnoses. Click “Continue Reading” below to see all the bonus links and images!

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PANDEMIC Episode #16

Steve Stanton’s robot submersible, the Platypus, went to the depths of Lake Michigan to retrieve part of the Orbital, but did it accidentally bring something else up with it? SEAL Commander Paulius Klimas and his team rescued Margaret Montaya from the pitched battle on the surface of Lake Michigan, but her ordeal is not over yet — she was exposed, and as such, she must be tested.


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