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FridayFix • One for the Junkies from Dragon*Con 2015

In early September Empty Set went to Dragon*Con 2015 in Atlanta, GA.  It’s a great con, and we always have the best time. While there, we recorded this year’s “One for the Junkies” panel, and we’re posting that as today’s FridayFix.

A couple of notes:

The language in this recording is for mature audiences. There are some naughty words, mostly from me.

The audio recording is a little hot, especially for Scott. I’ve edited the worst of it out, I think, but you’ll still have to ride the volume button on your phone to manage the hot spots.

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FridayFix • Saving the Ki Hand

In this week’s FridayFix we document the saving of Scott E. Pond Designs​’s Ki Hand, which was a prop for the cover of THE MVP. The Ki are a species from Scott’s Galactic Football League novels, and the cover of THE MVP show a Ki hand hoisting a trophy.

We used this cool prop […]

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FridayFix • SiglerFest 2K15 Update!

SiglerFest 2K15 is fast approaching!  It’s right around now that we start to get lots of questions:

  • Can I still register? (Yes! Get on that!)
  • What goes on at SiglerFest? (Listen to the cast, yo!)
  • How’d y’all get to be so great? (It’s the Junkies, obvs.)

Take a listen to this short ‘cast to whet your appetite. Can’t wait to see y’all in Vegas!

extedit-SiglerFest 2k1420141011-7091-EditOh! And the SiglerFest 2K14 photo books are done and they’re glorious and lovely! Shot and designed by the sublimely talented and gracious Bruce Press, they are a wonderfully fun memento of a great weekend.
Unlike previous years, we will not have copies for purchase on hand in Las Vegas this year. Instead, you can head over to Blurb right now and order your copies directly! While you’re there you can pick up other years too if you like!

As ever, a million thanks to Bruce Press for his great work and also this year for patiently nudging me over and over to get the book done early enough to put it up for sale well in advance of SiglerFest!


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FridayFix #141: Scott’s trip to NASA Stennis

FDØ watches RS-25 rocket test: takes world-domination notes

I was invited by NASA Social to watch a test of the RS-25 rocket engine, which once drove the Space Shuttle program and is now a main element of the Space Launch System (SLS). Watch this bad boy go from -400 to 6,000 freakin’ degrees in a matter of seconds, then instantly freeze back up again when the burn is done. Amazing stuff. Thank you, NASA!

• NASA’s fancy video of the same event
• Overview of the RS-25 engine

Click here Click here to download the video.

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FridayFix • Author Jason Hough talks
about his new novel ZERO WORLD

Published in rapid succession, Jason M. Hough’s first three novels, THE DARWIN ELEVATOR, THE EXODUS TOWERS, and THE PLAGUE FORGE, earned comparisons to James S. A. Corey and John Scalzi. Hough returns with ZERO WORLD, a riveting near-future spy thriller described as “James Bond meets INCEPTION.” Jason sat down with Scott to talk about becoming an “instant best-seller,” writing schedules, and juggling family needs with his role as a full-time writer.

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FridayFix • Making the ALIVE Spears

As part of the promotion of ALIVE, we decided to make prop spears. (Spears feature prominently in the novel.)

Super talented artist, prop maker and all around great guy Frank Ippolito designed and made them, and generously invited us to his shop to help put the finishing touches on his awesome work. And he let us bring the Dog of Doom!

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FridayFix • Should YA Writers Censor Their Social Media?

Scott and I are back from the ALIVE Book Tour, and catching up on all things recently neglected at the office. We’ll have a tour wrap up for you soon!

Today’s Friday Fix is an interview that Scott did with Delilah S. Dawson (author of HIT) and Chuck Wendig (author of the new Star Wars novel THE FORCE AWAKENS and THE HARVEST, Book III of the Heartlands Trilogy) during this year’s Phoenix Comic Con.

Delilah S. DawsonChuck WendigAll three are adults who write Young Adult fiction, and have, ahem, lively social media feeds. It begs the question: if your target audience is young but using social media, do you have an obligation to curb your less PG-rated language?

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FridayFix • The making
of the ALIVE BookTrailer

The book trailer for ALIVE was posted last week, and it’s doing great things for us. Coverage from Entertainment Weekly (where it premiered), YouTube star Anna Akana and BookTuber Regan Peruse has brought us a ton of views. We have people who have never heard of Scott Sigler pre-ordering the novel ahead of the July 14 release date.

So, trailer = good. But what goes into making a book trailer? To give you a peek behind the curtain, Scott and I sat down with Mallory O’Meara and Jack Bennett, who were the producer and director of the ALIVE trailer, respectively.

We talk about using the visual medium to make a no-spoiler trailer for a book, and the inherent pros and cons: the creative process; reality vs. the original vision; budget limits; killing your darlings; and how “perfection is often the enemy of the interesting” as Jack says in the ‘cast. (And yes, we know the aphorism is slightly different, which is, in a way, Jack’s point. No need to write in!)

Jack, Mallory and their whole team brought all their talents to bear, and delivered a sublime trailer for ALIVE. We loved working with them and we love the end result.

Where you can find Jack: Scott Ian’s Bloodworks, Damn Dirty Geeks Podcast

Where you can find Mallory: @sexoskeleton, Dark Dunes Productions

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ALIVE Book Trailer

FFS, we posted the ALIVE trailer all over hell and high water and forgot to post it on our own damn site. Jiminy, we must be busy or something. Well, feast your eyes, Junkies! Not only are we posting the trailer here, but the next installment on this site/feed will be a cool “Making of the trailer” podcast with the producer and director.

This is a good version, but for the seriously high-quality high-def trailer, click here to watch it on YouTube. Book trailers — yes, they are a thing!

ALIVE is out July 14. Don’t think “YA” is for you? Yeah, right, sucka, like a Sigler novel is going to be about high school melodrama or something. That’s okay, we’re out to convince you it’s the real deal, that’s why we’re giving $15 off GFL Book VI if you pre-order a hardcover copy of ALIVE (which basically means your getting ALIVE for free).

Click here to download the trailer.

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FridayFix • Inside Big Publishing

Sometimes we get email asking why we don’t just tell “Big Publishing” to take a hike and put out all of Scott’s work ourselves. Emails that speak of untold glory and money that would be all ours — all ours! — without “the Man” taking a cut.

We’ve been working with Scott’s team at Del Rey (a division of Penguin Random House) for about two years now, and it’s been great. Before that, the team at Crown Publishing was also great. Just like any subject-matter expert, our “Big Publishing” pals bring things to the table that we can’t, which is just the way we like it!

Don’t see a “play” button above? Click here to download. Thanks to this week’s sponsor, our GoDaddy Coupon page!

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FridayFix • Should you outline your novel?

Featuring best-selling authors Naomi Novik & Peter V. Brett

Naomi NovikWhen we hit Phoenix Comicon, we got to hang out with a ton of awesome authors. We were able to snag a few of them for FridayFix interviews about writing and the business of writing. This week’s FridayFix features one of those interviews, with the awesome Peter V. Brett and the brilliant Naomi Novik. I chatted them up about a constant question I get from new writers: should I outline my book, or just write it?

Naomi is the author of the New York Times best-selling Temeraire series, and her brand-new novel UPROOTEDPETER V BRETT which is in stores on June 15, 2015. Snag it! Peter is the author of the Demon Cycle series,  some seriously kick ass fantasy. They are both New York Times best-sellers and have sold gajillions of books, meaning they know their shit when it comes to writing.

Peter outlines, Naomi doesn’t, so listen in and see which method might work for you.

We also talk about Peter writing an entire novel on his cell phone, and Naomi writing her latest novel in freaking long-hand. You know, on actual paper? WTF.

Don’t see a “play” button above? Click here to download.

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FridayFix • ALIVE Tour Dates

ALIVE, Book I in the Generations Trilogy, comes out on July 14th. That is less than six weeks from this very moment. We’re well into the planning stages to support it’s publication, and today we get to start sharing the plan with y’all.

Starting with the ALIVE Tour dates and cities, which include the first ever Empty Set Entertainment Open House!

  • July 8, 6:00pm – 9:00pm: Launch Party and Open House at Empty Set Entertainment! We’ve teamed up with Mysterious Galaxy and will have ALIVE on-sale during this event! All are welcome, email us for details!
  • July 12, 7:00pm: San Diego, CA at Mysterious Galaxy (appearing with Wes Chu!)
  • July 14, 7:00pm: Chicago, IL at The Book Stall (in Winnetka)
  • July 15, 7:00pm: Cincinnati, OH at Joseph-Beth Booksellers
  • July 16, 7:00pm: Brooklyn, NY at WORD Bookstore
  • July 17, 6:30pm: Houston, TX at Murder By The Book
  • July 18, 2:00pm: Denver, CO at the Tattered Cover (This is an afternoon appearance.)
  • July 20, 7:00pm: Portland, OR Powell’s Books
  • July 21, 7:00pm: Minneapolis, MN at Barnes & Noble Roseville

There you go, Junkies!  As we mention in the ‘cast, these cities are set — we won’t be adding others, for many reasons. Also, Scott will be doing the post-reading pub crawl as usual. Once we set up those venues, we’ll update this list. If you’re within spitting distance of any of these stops, come on out and say howdy!

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FridayFix • One-Star Reviews

ARealGirl and I were lucky enough to be invited by our buddy Jonathan Maberry‘s “Writers Coffeehouse” event at Mysterious Galaxy Books in San Diego. Lots of hungry writers looking for ways to improve their craft and find a way into the biz. One of the questions that came up was, “How do you handle negativity about you or your works on social media?”

That’s something we know quite a bit about. From the early days of my writing career where I made the mistake of engaging with unhappy readers, to our current attitude of “let it roll,” our philosophy of how to react has evolved quite a bit. In this podcast, ARealGirl and spend about 30 minutes talking about what we think is the “correct” way to handle such issues, and we give some guidance on what can happen to creatives if they choose to spray their oh-so-important opinion all over the internets.

Don’t see a “play” button above? Click here to download.

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FridayFix • New GoDaddy Codes

Long-time show sponsor GoDaddy has changed their GoDaddy Coupon codes as of today, May 1, 2015. Since so many people use our GoDaddy Coupons (you’d be shocked, I tell you), and since their advertising is a big part of our small biz, we’re dedicating this FridayFix to giving y’all the scoop on the change.

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