NOCTURNAL Episode #20

A deadly night left three more bodies on the streets of San Francisco. Another member of BoyCo is dead, the last one is running for his life, and now there’s a new murderer to reckon with; one that kills using a bow and arrow. Has the “Savior” returned?

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NOCTURNAL Episode #3

NOCTURNAL Episode #3 finds Bryan and Pookie visiting with Frank Lanza and his crew, recently transplanted to San Francisco from the East Coast. Unsurprisingly, things don’t go exactly [...]

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No GFL pre-order this year

Junkies, for the first time since 2008, we will not be doing a hardcover pre-order event. The event will be back next year, on SuperBowl Saturday, February 1, 2014.

You may have heard us mention that this year’s pre-order was supposed to be a hardcover compendium of three GFL novellas: THE REPORTER, THE DETECTIVE [...]

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A NOCTURNAL unboxing

Junkie Gmork made a cool video of the unboxing of her ten copies of NOCTURNAL. I love comparisons of size. Using your dog in such scientific exercises is always a good thing. Unfortunately, we did not make the NY Times best-seller list (she gives a rah-rah at the end of the video), but [...]

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Yes, I admit, I should have been blogging more during the tour. I am a lazy, lazy author. I should be punished. I should be flogged. What a goddamn amazing time. The Junkies have been happy, charming, and every one of you that made it out is good looking beyond the ability of science to [...]

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NOCTURNAL, in stores now

Yep, after all our prep work and sweat to give you a kick-ass story, NOCTURNAL’s “in-store date” is today, April 3, 2012. Theoretically, it should be in stores, but with the current state of publishing, who knows? Your best bet is to call your local bookstore to make sure they have it before you spend [...]

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